Tuesday, August 22, 2006

It rolls off the tongue

Golly Wally! It's been a busy day!

I mean... week! I havent had a chance to even think about the site in the past two days. I had a meeting this morning with my area. I stayed up last night and typed up my list and made notes with each item. I had it all arranged in the order I wanted to address each item and when I finally got everyone in the conference room they all jabbered like a bunch of school girls until I finally got them settled down to listen. Its just me and ten men... *giggle*

We got thru each of my points of interest without incident and had conversation about each topic that was really productive. They put their two cents worth in... and I made notes... and we made it allllll the way to the end... then things went bad. In a good way though... but it was bad.

Someone made a comment about someone else's butt. The commentor didn't realize what he'd said... innocently. However, the rest of the room caught it, busted up laughing and the jokes rolled from there. For 15 minutes it was one Chris Rock/Eddie Murphy comment to another. Tears were rolling and bellies aching from laughter. We were cracking ourselves up... and just praying that HR couldnt hear a word we said.

I think the meeting ended on a good note. I ended it with 'remember, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas'... and that applies to the conference room too!

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