Friday, August 25, 2006

Free Throw Friday

It has been awhile since I cataloged the fabulous quintet of sexy guys and striking gals, so to flourishingly finish off this hectic, whirlwind week I proudly present the victorious winners in the "Circe Circle of Cirens." *drumroll please*

Gorgeous Gals

No. 5: Sandra Bullock

She’s pretty and funny and I loved her in Miss Congeniality. And yes, I own both I and II on DVD.

No. 4: Drew Barrymore

She is more cute than beautiful but sexier than hell. She appeals to guys AND gals. Rwwrrr…. Loved her in "Ever After", "Never Been Kissed", "The Wedding Singer," and especially "Charlie’s Angels."

No. 3: Reese Witherspoon

Again, more cute than beautiful but her winning smile and sweet manner just makes for a knock-out combination. And of course I possess both "Pleasantville" and "Legally Blonde" I and II.

No. 2: Roselyn Sanchez

Talk about a smoldering ethnic beauty—whoa baby! I was mesmerized watching her in "Boat Trip", especially her sultry, erotic dancing in the cruise ship's nightclub. Smokin………. ;)

and retaining the coveted No. 1 slot: Catherine Zeta-Jones

Drop Dead Gorgeous. Michael Douglas should be thanking his lucky stars and popping that Viagra by the handful. ;) "Chicago" was ok, but watching lovely Ms. Zeta-Jones proved to be the magnetic drawing card.

Hottie Hunks

No. 5: Charlie Sheen

Yeah yeah, he wouldn’t make 'Model Husband of the Year' let alone 'Model Human Being,' but there is something about this fetching bad boy. You must admit he was pretty good in "Hotshots" and "The Chase".

No. 4: Stephen Colbert

Smart funnyman. Mr. Prep makes me want to rip those stodgy spectacles right off his chiseled face and have my way with him. And yes, I voted for that bridge in Hungary to bear his distinguished name. Colbert Nation rules!

No. 3: Conan O’Brien

Funny, playful and sexy. I just want to tousle his carrot-hued locks and throw him down on a fuzzy bear rug right there in front of his transfixed audience.

No. 2: Nick Lachey

I would be lying through my pearly whites if I admitted being familiar with his music but he’s got nice eyes, nice bod, nice everything….

And the All-Time No. 1 Knockout…Jon Stewart

He’s got it all—wit, charm, smarts, the best smirk and most expressive eyebrows in the media. Jon is hot, hot, HOT and I want to ravish him repeatedly until he begs for mercy. ;)

In conclusion, I am truly thrilled it’s finally Friday but I’m extremely sleepy today as silly me texted my preshus SD till the wee hours resulting in very little shut-eye. Yeah, he’s worth it…;) I think a fair, workable solution might be for each of us to move east and west respectively by one time zone resulting in synchronous harmony for this entangled duo. What say you, baby?

Me at desk this morning


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