Thursday, July 12, 2007

Gas Prices are Suppose to Go UP!

I had a weird dream last night (surprise surprise)

I dreamed that the oil fields had a complete shutdown. Gone. So... because they shut down, we couldnt work (in my line of business we are not directly related to them in any way other than we need gas to put in our vehicles to deliver product).

Really weird was that Johnny was my supervisor (he's currently NOT my supervisor and in a complete different line of work. He's in Buildings and Grounds) and he was moving me to this new big plush office, but when it came time to move he came and told me to hang on 'i've got a meeting'. He took off for his meeting and I went and sat at long tables with a whole ton of other employees.

He soon came out and told me that we're having to close the place down because of the oil field shutdown and we were all out of jobs! I got a good 6 month severance package.... but the place completely shut down... and my new big plush office was no longer!

Weird too was that I was completely happy with this. I didnt feel upset in any way... and was relieved that it was over.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I've Been Nailed

Ok. I've been tagged by Burg to list 8 things interesting (or most precious) about my Husband and I. Let me try....

1. Richard and I met for the first time at my sister's bar-b-que. He worked with my (then) bro-in-law and I'd heard alot about him... so I took a friend who had just recently moved to the city (didnt know anyone) and I thought they'd hit it off. What I pictured in my head from hearing conversation... and what I saw when I got there were two different things. With my boyfriend in tow, I spent the evening turning on the charm and throwing myself at Richard because he was just too much fun!

2. Five months later we saw each other again - for New Years. I tried to get my boyfriend to stay home because I knew Richard would be going out with our group, but he came along. My bf was too interested in the big boobs sitting at our table (not mine), so that left me free to focus on this new piece of meat across from me (Richard). I turned all of my attentions to Richard and flirted endlessly... he STILL didn't get it! He's so precious.

3. Three months later (and boyfriend history) I called my bro-in-law and told him to call Richard to see if he wanted to go out (group thing) for fun. Of course he was game. That night, it was like it hit him.... we chatted for about 5 hours nonstop and he says all he could think about were my lips and how he wanted to kiss me :) We stayed at my sis's house that night and we chatted... and I invited him to join me on the futon. He was such a gentleman! He was very proper and kept his hands to himself... so that made me want him even more and VERY determined to get him :) Funny how that works. We, um... talked til the sun came up :)

4. Richard proposed to me while on a cruise and had actually asked both of my boys for their approval - before asking me. He's so sweet! They were so excited and still are to this day. They love him.

5. Now, Richard has me knocked up... and he's having a little girl that will most likely be spoiled rotten by her dad and two brothers.

6. We fight over stupid stuff but typically its short lived. Most often it's when we're in the car and he's driving and usually about the WAY he's driving! It drives me nuts when he rides the tailend of the car in front of him... if he'd ever been sandwiched between two trucks on Hefner RaceWay before, he'd understand a girls jumpiness and be a little more sensitive to her desire for you to slow your ass down and back off!

7. Richard's nature is very quiet and easy-going where as mine is more talkative, loud, aggressive, stubborn, etc. So we go well together. haha

8. We love to travel and go at every chance we get! We've both made up little lists of places we want to visit and slowly but surely we're making it through our list. He is the best travel partner a girl could ever ask for! He doesn't get moody or tire easily and he's always game to try something new! It's always excitement!

I've got to tag the Queen. Her stories crack me up and i'm sure there are some humorous ones with her hubby! Angela needs to be tagged. Her little guy Gregory is a doll and hubby sounds like such a nice guy ;)

If we can get Twisted to write... something is always going down with her and Boxers! They have just too much fun!

I'd love to tag Bone and Ben. HAHAHA Oh, the comedy! But they dont have husbands (that i'm aware of)... but I guess they could write about g/f and wifey!

I hope Circe writes. She's still home recup'in from her car wreck - and doing well I might add. I chatted with her on the phone a few nights ago and she's bruised, but bouncing back quickly!

Monday, July 09, 2007

Chillin' at The Holiday Inn

This past weekend all of us were outside messing around with the camera and C took his new OSU hat and put it on my head. "Mom, you look good! Now do the pose" and he did something like this... some gangsta thing... and I tried to do it. Richard got the pic. Good grief I look corny. hahah

Over The Miles

Yesterday, C and I took a little road trip to see some of his friends and we left Richard and P home... alone. I was on the road for about 3 hours total and I sat and jabbered for a few hours while I was there... so we were gone for quite a while!

I got a text message from Richard that said that he and P had cleaned the house. Yippeee! I didnt have to do as much as I thought when I got home!

I never imagined that they really cleaned! I walked in the front door and it smelled clean! I couldnt smell the trash, or sweatie soccer shoes... I smelled lemony fresh clean kitchen and sugar cookie candle living room! The carpet had been vaccumed, bathrooms cleaned, laundry put away and the tables cleaned off. They did an awesome job!

C and I should travel more often. Rich and P work well together. Note: I did get word from Rich that P took on the bathroom task and drug it out as long as he could and hid as much as he could get away with... probably out of fear he'd be assigned another task if he finished that one. HAHAHHA