Thursday, July 12, 2007

Gas Prices are Suppose to Go UP!

I had a weird dream last night (surprise surprise)

I dreamed that the oil fields had a complete shutdown. Gone. So... because they shut down, we couldnt work (in my line of business we are not directly related to them in any way other than we need gas to put in our vehicles to deliver product).

Really weird was that Johnny was my supervisor (he's currently NOT my supervisor and in a complete different line of work. He's in Buildings and Grounds) and he was moving me to this new big plush office, but when it came time to move he came and told me to hang on 'i've got a meeting'. He took off for his meeting and I went and sat at long tables with a whole ton of other employees.

He soon came out and told me that we're having to close the place down because of the oil field shutdown and we were all out of jobs! I got a good 6 month severance package.... but the place completely shut down... and my new big plush office was no longer!

Weird too was that I was completely happy with this. I didnt feel upset in any way... and was relieved that it was over.


Angela said...

Sounds like you wouldn't mind a change in jobs.

Kerry said...

Angela... Its true. I've been thinking about how and when to make the change. I like to be out and about more than I am at this job. I love to meet new people and be more active. I love the guys I work with, but there is no interaction with the ouside world. After 11 years at Chaos College.... I've really grown accustomed to people and meeting new people all the time AND being active in all kinds of activities. I'm going to have to make a change for my own sanity I think.

weatherchazer said...

I would love if I got a six months severance pay- won't ever happen, but I'd love it!

Big Ben said...

Get on right away just in case!