Monday, July 09, 2007

Over The Miles

Yesterday, C and I took a little road trip to see some of his friends and we left Richard and P home... alone. I was on the road for about 3 hours total and I sat and jabbered for a few hours while I was there... so we were gone for quite a while!

I got a text message from Richard that said that he and P had cleaned the house. Yippeee! I didnt have to do as much as I thought when I got home!

I never imagined that they really cleaned! I walked in the front door and it smelled clean! I couldnt smell the trash, or sweatie soccer shoes... I smelled lemony fresh clean kitchen and sugar cookie candle living room! The carpet had been vaccumed, bathrooms cleaned, laundry put away and the tables cleaned off. They did an awesome job!

C and I should travel more often. Rich and P work well together. Note: I did get word from Rich that P took on the bathroom task and drug it out as long as he could and hid as much as he could get away with... probably out of fear he'd be assigned another task if he finished that one. HAHAHHA


Angela said...

It is nice when the house smells clean and you don't have to do all the cleaning

Kerry said...

It is! It made me love my house so much more... cuz I didnt have to spend an entire day cleaning the darn thing :)

nunu said...

How nice of them to clean while you were gone!!! Send them my way!! ;-)