Saturday, August 02, 2008

More Tales from Two Wheels

As we passed through little towns on our RAGBRAI tour, they all offered food, water (that includes pop, sports drinks, beer, bloody marys... you name it!), plus there was always shopping to be done and bike repair stops. This is one of the towns on our first day through.

Typically it was so jammed that you had to stop and walk your bike through. There was no riding through these stops!

One crazy team (not ours) celebrating in the town square after a long hard ride that day.

The night before our big 82 mile day, a storm moved through the area and the authorities ushered us into the middle/high school for shelter. A tornado moved through that night. Being from Oklahoma, we did what good ol Oklahoman's do! We went outside to watch the storm! The guy on the very right just wanted to be in our picture... not a clue who he is! haha

One of the vendors trying to sweet talk riders into stopping for his yummy pancake balls.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Week of Sorrow

It's been a very long and trying week this week. Monday, we found that my ex-bro-n-law died suddenly over the weekend (while we were in Iowa) and we're not convinced it was Natural Causes like the medical examiner proclaims. Tuesday, I suddenly quit my job. I hated it and found it too confining and working with uneducated old ladies isn't my bag. So, to not waste anymore time... I quit. Thursday night, I picked Z up at daycare and she announced that "unforeseen circumstances" were forcing her to quit and move to Colorado... this weekend!!! Today was her last day!

I just about had a breakdown.

C was with me and as precious as he is... volunteered to be the new sitter. lol We loaded up and went to a bar-b-q we were scheduled to be at... I unloaded my sorrows... and got all kinds of suggestions and assistance. We'd kind of settled (a little bit) on what we were going to do when all of a sudden, Heather called and said she'd had a little lapse in judgement and there was going to be a change in plans. She wasn't going!!! She was keeping her daycare open. I bought had another breakdown. lol

Now, that is settled and ok.

I am taking today off to do nothing. Maybe see my sis who is suffering greatly at the loss of Mark. Maybe take the boys to lunch and run around town. Maybe haul some junk to the Goodwill place. Who knows... but i'm taking the day off from job hunting and i'll start again Monday with a whole new fresh look.

Oh... I also have tons more of RAGBRAI to share :)

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

RAGBRAI... the oldest, hardest, and longest cycling expedition in the world.
I think, right next to Tour de France. After doing this little venture... I think I will enter Tour de France next year! ha!

This is a cycling ride, not a race, and our team tried to slow down and enjoy the week. People come from all over the world to do this ride. There was a pace team from Italy, and I met several people from California plus I met a guy from somewhere... he didnt speak a lick of english and I couldnt place his language. All we did was chatter to each other and smile. We had no idea what the other was saying. haha People camp out in tents each night or if they are lucky (like we were) they have a RV Coach complete with car hauler/trailer and mini van to follow the team from town to town and provide a little comfort. Thank God for Larry our driver! He was a God send! Food vendors travel from town to town and set up each night, plus they are located along side the highways so you are never more than 5 miles from food and water/sports drinks. Here's a few pics:

Patti, Sheri and I headed to the Expo on the day we arrived. WAY in the background you can see a campsite starting to form:

A team bus comes rolling in:

Blood, Sweat & Gears the morning of our first day ride:

A view of the riders coming up the hill heading out of Missouri Valley, Iowa. The trail of cyclists went on for miles and miles and miles!

One of the rest stops along the highway:

Monday, July 28, 2008

Sweet Deal

When Sheri and I pedaled into one of the overnight stays while doing RAGBRAI, off to our right was a 65 Mustang for sale... and it caught our eye. We headed back to the Coach and told all the guys... they'd seen it too... so we loaded up and went back to get a closer look. It's exactly what we've been looking for to give to C to drive! We got the phone number of the guy selling it and if he'd answered or called us back... we would have purchased it and driven it home! I love it!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Welcome Home

I did it!

I pedaled 471 grueling miles across the stinky state of Iowa. I mean "stinky" literally. It's the smelliest place I've ever been. Pig poop everywhere! Plus it's not flat. Iowa is very hilly. "rolling hills" as they call it... we refer to them as mini mountains.

Boy, do I have some leg muscles now!

I'll try to get some pics posted soon!