Friday, August 01, 2008

Week of Sorrow

It's been a very long and trying week this week. Monday, we found that my ex-bro-n-law died suddenly over the weekend (while we were in Iowa) and we're not convinced it was Natural Causes like the medical examiner proclaims. Tuesday, I suddenly quit my job. I hated it and found it too confining and working with uneducated old ladies isn't my bag. So, to not waste anymore time... I quit. Thursday night, I picked Z up at daycare and she announced that "unforeseen circumstances" were forcing her to quit and move to Colorado... this weekend!!! Today was her last day!

I just about had a breakdown.

C was with me and as precious as he is... volunteered to be the new sitter. lol We loaded up and went to a bar-b-q we were scheduled to be at... I unloaded my sorrows... and got all kinds of suggestions and assistance. We'd kind of settled (a little bit) on what we were going to do when all of a sudden, Heather called and said she'd had a little lapse in judgement and there was going to be a change in plans. She wasn't going!!! She was keeping her daycare open. I bought had another breakdown. lol

Now, that is settled and ok.

I am taking today off to do nothing. Maybe see my sis who is suffering greatly at the loss of Mark. Maybe take the boys to lunch and run around town. Maybe haul some junk to the Goodwill place. Who knows... but i'm taking the day off from job hunting and i'll start again Monday with a whole new fresh look.

Oh... I also have tons more of RAGBRAI to share :)


TC said...

Goodness! Sorry to hear you've had such a rough week, lady. Hope things improve soon!

And yes, job hunting is a full time job, and you deserve a day off now and then :)

P.S. Tell Miss Circe hello and that we're thinking of her next time you talk to her, would you please? Thanks!

Kerry said...

Absolutely! I will tell her. I think she still reads the site and I've told her she can blog anytime! I hope one day she returns....

The last time I talked to her she was doing really well!

Grant said...

My favorite waitress at the Thai place is pregnant and leaving in September. You have one month to become Asian if you want the job. I can guarantee no IT woes with this position.

Kerry said...

I've started the transformation.

I had rice for lunch! :)