Friday, November 09, 2007

Lady Lumps

I think it's great that JLo is finally in the preggers way. I guess she's tried for some time to have kids and she's finally fessed up that she's preggers. However.... can she wear anything else besides a dang moo-moo! I mean dayum! That is all we see her in and it makes her look like a f'ing barn!

She used to dress so snazzy. Now she wears tents in all colors and they are long long long! Why try to hide the bump!?!?

Wednesday, November 07, 2007


I must possess one of the most well-behaved cell numbers in phone history. The same cannot be said for TBC or sis. Several times now, sis has received texts from guys that want to hook up with her and refuse to believe she’s not the gal they are trying to reach. In September she was in OKC spending the night before taking Jellybean to the airport to catch her early morning flight. Sleep was at a premium but Mr Hot & Horney was bound and determined to score with his elusive consort and kept up the mobile pressure. As a last resort, sis insisted he call her to prove she was not his playful amante and he finally ceased and desisted after the truth trickled its way through his thick skull.

As you all know TBC’s piss-poor luck with mobile numbers continued unabated. Last month, I called Ma Bell and switched his number and was given the solemn promise they were brand spanking new digits that had never been fondled by human hands. Wrong! If you recall, that very night he received a misdialed number at the ungodly hour of 2 am. True, the party wanted (Renee to Erica) had changed, but wrong calls/texts continued on an alarmingly regular basis. Admittedly, the desperate pleas to be bailed out of jail desisted, but still. The most surprising recent text was the proud announcement from what I can only assume was a female proclaiming her upcoming motherhood. Obviously very bored, TBC played along by asking her if it was his. She said yes! (He’s fixed). After several back and forth texts, she called and was told she had the wrong number prompting the immediate missive “a man answered.” Finally TBC broke down and told her it was him all along and she had dialed a wrong number. Yet again I reached out and touched AT&T to secure a third number for him. This last customer rep, Wesley, swore on a stack of well-thumbed Bibles that this indeed was a virgin number. Third time's the charm, right?…

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Show Me Your Pearly Whites

I get a newsletter from my dentist every so often, and tonights info was very interesting....

Smiles are an interesting feature of everyone’s life. Everyone has one, but everyone feels differently about their own. Consider a few interesting facts about smiles:.

• 62 - Number of times a day the average woman smiles.
• 8 - Number of times a day the average man smiles.
• 63% - Percentage of people who say they look best in photos when they are showing their teeth.
• 99.7% - Percentage of adults who say an attractive smile is an important personal asset.
• 74% - Percentage of people who say that an unattractive smile can hurt a person's chances for business or career success.
• 23% - Percentage of people who say they look the best with their mouth closed.

Mark Twain once wrote, "Wrinkles should merely indicate where smiles have been!" The act of smiling is a very uncomplicated and important human activity. It really isn't important that your smile be perfect- but that you feel good about it and you give it away! If your stingy with your smile because it’s something less than what you want it to be, we can help - Smiles are what we do best.

Guys never smile!!! I am always smiling. Unless, of course, i'm not. I know I at least do it 62 times a day. Tomorrow i'm going to count. Well, actually this might not be a fair time to test that theory... bein's how i'm having a hard time sleeping at night and I can't breath very easily. Maybe it's best to save the test for another time.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Another Baby Day

Our sunday school class held a little baby shower for us this weekend. Check out that cake! It was so cute that I didnt want to cut it! It was too perfect and looked... well, not real! It was beautiful! Angela finally talked me into letting them disassemble it and dig in.

Lil November got her first Christmas stocking and a stocking hat to match.

She also got a fun (noisy) Noah's Ark toy to play with... complete with lights, sound and action. It follows her Noah's Ark nursery theme.

After the shower, my mom, sis and I treated ourselves to pedicure's at the spa. My little lady, who was the sweetest little Asian girl, asked me if I wanted something on my toe. I'd told mom's girl to put a flower on hers (giggle) but then they asked me something about mine. I had no idea what she was saying, so I just smiled and nodded. Scared to death of what I might get... she put rhinestones on me! I got bling!!!