Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Show Me Your Pearly Whites

I get a newsletter from my dentist every so often, and tonights info was very interesting....

Smiles are an interesting feature of everyone’s life. Everyone has one, but everyone feels differently about their own. Consider a few interesting facts about smiles:.

• 62 - Number of times a day the average woman smiles.
• 8 - Number of times a day the average man smiles.
• 63% - Percentage of people who say they look best in photos when they are showing their teeth.
• 99.7% - Percentage of adults who say an attractive smile is an important personal asset.
• 74% - Percentage of people who say that an unattractive smile can hurt a person's chances for business or career success.
• 23% - Percentage of people who say they look the best with their mouth closed.

Mark Twain once wrote, "Wrinkles should merely indicate where smiles have been!" The act of smiling is a very uncomplicated and important human activity. It really isn't important that your smile be perfect- but that you feel good about it and you give it away! If your stingy with your smile because it’s something less than what you want it to be, we can help - Smiles are what we do best.

Guys never smile!!! I am always smiling. Unless, of course, i'm not. I know I at least do it 62 times a day. Tomorrow i'm going to count. Well, actually this might not be a fair time to test that theory... bein's how i'm having a hard time sleeping at night and I can't breath very easily. Maybe it's best to save the test for another time.


TC said...

I am always smiling. Unless, of course, i'm not.

LOL Exactly :)

I can't believe men don't smile more than that in a day!!! Wow! Maybe men just look better without a smile and women need a smile to look good...?

I had a guy tell me once that I shouldn't smile as much as I did because then, how could you tell a REAL smile from a fake one? (He worked with me in customer service at the time.) I thought he was crazy, because I've found that smiling tends to bring out the happy in me, even when before that I wasn't necessarily 'happy.'

Kerry said...

I dont know why men dont smile more. I think they are emotionless. lol

I think smiling makes you feel better and it does bring out the more 'happy' you. I've been told I attract people because i'm always smiling and inviting. Sometimes... thats not so good. (like the wal-mart greeter lady. haha)