Sunday, November 04, 2007

Another Baby Day

Our sunday school class held a little baby shower for us this weekend. Check out that cake! It was so cute that I didnt want to cut it! It was too perfect and looked... well, not real! It was beautiful! Angela finally talked me into letting them disassemble it and dig in.

Lil November got her first Christmas stocking and a stocking hat to match.

She also got a fun (noisy) Noah's Ark toy to play with... complete with lights, sound and action. It follows her Noah's Ark nursery theme.

After the shower, my mom, sis and I treated ourselves to pedicure's at the spa. My little lady, who was the sweetest little Asian girl, asked me if I wanted something on my toe. I'd told mom's girl to put a flower on hers (giggle) but then they asked me something about mine. I had no idea what she was saying, so I just smiled and nodded. Scared to death of what I might get... she put rhinestones on me! I got bling!!!


Angela said...

Glad you are getting pampered.

weatherchazer said...

Pedicures are nirvana when you're pregnant!

TC said...

Cute! :)

A Noah's Ark theme sounds adorable! It's almost time!

Kerry said...

Angela: I am... in many ways. Richard and the boys have been great too!

Chazer: Pedicures are heaven for sure especially while you're preggers. You cant get to your own feet (comfortably) so it helps ya feel much better!!!

TC: I know! I'm so excited... I'm hoping its this next week!!!