Thursday, February 05, 2009

Money Makes No Sense

I think more and more, this will be happening.

As corporate downsizing and closings continue to occur, more and more Americans are finding themselves in financial situations they never dreamed they'd be in. I'm not sure I wouldn't be pissy and want to retaliate against my mortgage company for booting me out of my house that I've been making payments on (in a nice timely fashion) just because I've stumbled onto some hard times. The mortgage companies are better off making new arrangements with you for any kind of payment than to let the house get destroyed and then they are stuck. Don't ya think?

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

10 Things, Actually 20... no, no, 10

10 Things We Hate About Valentine's Day

1. Single or coupled, if you didn't make a reservation in January, your options for going out to dinner are limited to the local fast food drive-through. Um, Richard... do we have reservations yet!?

2. The hour of our lives we waste every year in the greeting card aisle, looking for the perfect one. It doesn't take me THAT long!

3. The overnight tripling of the price of roses, forcing your boyfriend to choose between getting you a bouquet of a dozen or paying his cable bill that month. Pay the cable bill ;)

4. The 24/7 romantic comedy marathon on TV during the month of February either makes you feel like a loser for being single or makes you resent your boyfriend for not being John Cusack. Isn't the marathon on all the time on LifeTime?

5. If you've had anything resembling a date in the past two months, it always prematurely launches the "where is this going?" conversation.

6. If you're single and lucky enough to have three close, single girlfriends, you can't go out for drinks with them without being a cliché.

7. We don't need another stuffed teddy bear holding a heart or a cheap box of "guess the mystery filling" chocolates, thanks. Yeah, no thanks.

8. They don't make Valentine's Day cards for friends-with-benefits or "I think I like you but it's too soon to tell."

9. We just started paying off our credit card bills from holiday shopping — our bank statements can't handle another gift.

10. Those gross taste-like-sidewalk-chalk conversation hearts. I want chocolate!

Note: I do love Valentine's Day... I just thought the list was interesting! Again... Richard do we have reservations because I really didn't think about that and i'm sure the little place I want to go will be full and you know I don't like to eat at 9pm because then that food just lays in your stomach and makes you fat overnight. How's that for ruining the moment!? ;)