Friday, July 18, 2008

BRAGBRAI as Some Call It

I'm heading out to go pedal my 500 miles! Me and the other 10,000 people! I'm excited yet I have butterflies in my stomach. I know I have the endurance to do it... its my bike butt i'm worried about. After a 50 mile ride your butt bone is sore, but 500 miles! We get 7 days to do it, but still! Butt Bone Spurs are painful.

Fortunately, we're going in luxury. As me and the other 6 in my group pedal along, we have Larry following us in our $800,000 RV and trailer (complete with mini van for short little jaunts around town). At night, we dont have to pitch a tent like so many fellow cyclists. We get to sleep under an air conditioner. yeah! That will help the ol butt spur. lol

See ya in a week or so!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Some More Cold

I've been so extremely busy and I havent been able to blog. I'm fixin to leave on a long cycling ride... whooo hoooo!!!

We got to ride an old rickety train through the mountains while we were in Skagway. (fun fun) It was beautiful... but i'm not too hip on going over old bridges and narrow passages high in the mountains!

Here's our train:

See... it's so gorgeous!

This little lady would give you a tour all around Skagway for a teeny tiny fee of $20 each. Richard and I didnt go, but C & P and my mom did. They found out that you can't buy land to build homes or businesses. Pretty much the only way you can buy a house there is if you know someone and they specifically will sell it to you, or you are left a house by death or some other way of inheriting. All the land is National Park territory or Indian Burial ground or something and if a house does come up sale, the price is astronomical! $300k or a little shack. So, when people have to go there to work, they can't afford a house and can't build, so they pitch tents or stay in travel trailers 'out back'. I should have gotten a picture of that... because we passed 'out back' on the train and they do! They have to live like bums almost. So sad.