Friday, March 02, 2007

Check Out Them Gators!


Enough said.

This has been a long hard week and my feet hurt. I havent had time to write, much less read up on everyone else's blogs (sorry). This weekend I plan on catching up.

Tonight I'm headed to my friend Fowler's birthday party so it will be a great night of unwinding! He's turning 21 (again *snicker*) and i'm convinced he needs to be Gator'd or at least have a stripper! haha. He's bent on the fact that he does not want to be Gator'd nor does he want a stripper. He doesnt want to be embarrassed. I'm surprised I was invited. hahahahah I'll take my camera just in case something nasty, fun or embarrassing happens... so I can share it!

The Gator is the act of 'dancing' or performing over a person who is laid out flat on his (I guess it could be a girl too) back. Typically, this performance turns out to be nasty and vulgar inflicting much embarrassment on the poor soul being Gator'd. Some have the pleasure (or not) of being Gator'd by a girl wearing a skirt (get the visual) and during the summer... rumor has it... that many girls don't wear undies. There is one particular song (all instrumental) that plays and when you hear this music you know it's 'Gator Time'! This music is perfect for a strip-tease show!

Yep... i've Gator'd. I've not been Gator'd... but I have Gator'd my fair share :)

Do You Hear What I Hear?

Every year, Chaos College amps up the pandemonium as we play host to the annual district music contest. For two days running we view hormonal children from assorted nearby high schools resplendent in matching robes or ensembles flitting across campus to the designated rooms and buildings where the judging occurs. Thursday hosted the choirs and today the musical instrument combos. Our parking lots are a sea of canary school buses disgorging the overly excited kiddies. One can forget trying to grab a bite to eat at the nearby Sonic or Simple Simon as they are overrun with voracious adolescents. Our bookstore dreads this yearly circus as they too are overrun with light-fingered, bored juveniles with too much time and freedom on their grubby little hands. Lucky faculty and our mature-by-comparison students have off today but the same cannot be said for long-suffering staff. Our admin building is not used for arbitration purposes but that doesn’t mean we get away scott free. Especially today. Some of the little devils will find their way to our building and wander the hallowed halls out of pure curiosity (or lousy direction) as they peer into staff’s inner sanctum. All returns to normal on Monday so it’s just a case of patience bolstered by popping a few Valiums. I will try to refrain from sticking my tongue out or mooning them, ok? :)

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Never a Dull Moment

Well my building got evacuated this afternoon thanks to the rocket scientists working outside our building hitting a pesky gas line. Thank goodness the weather is GORGEOUS (77 degrees!) and it was heavenly getting to sit (yes, I sat on steps of a distant building) outside and enjoy the bright sunshine and warm breezes, not to mention escape the smelly gas fumes. Here’s a view from an evac.

In other slightly less exciting news, I ordered a new personal notebook from HP and it should arrive the beginning of next week. I’m very excited about that as I have dealt with a cantankerous refurbed Gateway for the last five or so years. When the D drive finally gave up the ghost I got on the stick and found a lovely replacement online. It’s brand new, faster, and though not top-of-the-line, features more bells and whistles than I’ve previously had. “K” will be the honored recipient of my soon-to-be abandoned relic. I spent the better part of last Saturday cleaning off the, er, personal files and freeing up memory. And speaking of “K”, she is off slithering down the slopes of Colorado this week. I actually received two emails from Mz 5000+ Text Messages a Month as her IM withdrawals have reached critical mass. She’ll be back in Decent Cell Phone Receptionland before she knows it.

And I can thank prompt, efficient Fedex (“when it absolutely, positively has to get there never mind that you failed to inform TBC it was coming”) for prematurely having to fess up on Saturday that I had indeed purchased a new computer and no, I hadn’t consulted his royal Poobahness first. The free All-in-One printer thrown in with my timely purchase had the cajones to arrive on Saturday afternoon leaving me to wing my explanation and forget my persuasive, rehearsed speech (complete with flipchart and bullets). Though less than thrilled (ok, darn pissed), he got over it by Monday and it’s been smooth sailing ever since. I can't wait for my new toy!

Monday, February 26, 2007

Chunks of Change

I found out a little bit of information today that would have been nice to know about three days ago!!!

This morning as I sat at my desk, one of the guys in my area said "I have something I need to tell you guys". We all (me and 6 guys), perk up and listen because this guy rarely speaks. He's so quiet!

He begins....
Well last Friday I headed to the bathroom and while I was peeing I noticed XYZ in the stall taking a big dump. He got finished and walked out of the bathroom... past the sink. He did not wash his hands. I came back to our area and began working when XYZ walked in behind me and asked for you (looking at me). You werent here, so he went into your office and picked up the phone to make a call.

Gasps of disbelief and grossness filled the room

He follows with... he did that without washing his hands. He had poop hands!

My stomach churned... followed with my screams and why didnt you tell me this FRIDAY!

He said I wasnt around before he left and so he couldnt tell me until today.

A BIG neon sign or note or something would have been good!

I've Lysoled and bleached my phone... disinfected my desk, keyboard and mouse...

He has been the butt of the jokes today..... *giggle* but really that's not funny to have poo chunks on ya and then use my phone!!!


Two years ago today Richard and I went out together for the first time. Officially, it was the first time that wasn't just 'friends hanging out' but more of 'hhmmmm.... we could have some real fun here!'

This morning he sent me a card that said:

2years ago today we opened a door to a new life together. I don't think either of us knew how good these relationships could be. I've enjoyed every step of this journey with you and look forward to the road ahead.

Thank you for being my friend, my lover, my mistress, my wife, my dirty girl, my sensual partner. I love you with all my heart...
I am so lucky! Not only did he even remember (and its not our actual wedding day or anthing) our date day, but he sent me a little reminder!

I love you too baby!