Friday, March 02, 2007

Check Out Them Gators!


Enough said.

This has been a long hard week and my feet hurt. I havent had time to write, much less read up on everyone else's blogs (sorry). This weekend I plan on catching up.

Tonight I'm headed to my friend Fowler's birthday party so it will be a great night of unwinding! He's turning 21 (again *snicker*) and i'm convinced he needs to be Gator'd or at least have a stripper! haha. He's bent on the fact that he does not want to be Gator'd nor does he want a stripper. He doesnt want to be embarrassed. I'm surprised I was invited. hahahahah I'll take my camera just in case something nasty, fun or embarrassing happens... so I can share it!

The Gator is the act of 'dancing' or performing over a person who is laid out flat on his (I guess it could be a girl too) back. Typically, this performance turns out to be nasty and vulgar inflicting much embarrassment on the poor soul being Gator'd. Some have the pleasure (or not) of being Gator'd by a girl wearing a skirt (get the visual) and during the summer... rumor has it... that many girls don't wear undies. There is one particular song (all instrumental) that plays and when you hear this music you know it's 'Gator Time'! This music is perfect for a strip-tease show!

Yep... i've Gator'd. I've not been Gator'd... but I have Gator'd my fair share :)

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Traveling Chica said...

Sounds very interesing... you'll have to let us know what went down. ;)