Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Never a Dull Moment

Well my building got evacuated this afternoon thanks to the rocket scientists working outside our building hitting a pesky gas line. Thank goodness the weather is GORGEOUS (77 degrees!) and it was heavenly getting to sit (yes, I sat on steps of a distant building) outside and enjoy the bright sunshine and warm breezes, not to mention escape the smelly gas fumes. Here’s a view from an evac.

In other slightly less exciting news, I ordered a new personal notebook from HP and it should arrive the beginning of next week. I’m very excited about that as I have dealt with a cantankerous refurbed Gateway for the last five or so years. When the D drive finally gave up the ghost I got on the stick and found a lovely replacement online. It’s brand new, faster, and though not top-of-the-line, features more bells and whistles than I’ve previously had. “K” will be the honored recipient of my soon-to-be abandoned relic. I spent the better part of last Saturday cleaning off the, er, personal files and freeing up memory. And speaking of “K”, she is off slithering down the slopes of Colorado this week. I actually received two emails from Mz 5000+ Text Messages a Month as her IM withdrawals have reached critical mass. She’ll be back in Decent Cell Phone Receptionland before she knows it.

And I can thank prompt, efficient Fedex (“when it absolutely, positively has to get there never mind that you failed to inform TBC it was coming”) for prematurely having to fess up on Saturday that I had indeed purchased a new computer and no, I hadn’t consulted his royal Poobahness first. The free All-in-One printer thrown in with my timely purchase had the cajones to arrive on Saturday afternoon leaving me to wing my explanation and forget my persuasive, rehearsed speech (complete with flipchart and bullets). Though less than thrilled (ok, darn pissed), he got over it by Monday and it’s been smooth sailing ever since. I can't wait for my new toy!


Kerry said...

That was nice of the Rocket Scientist to get you out of work for a bit!

How much did you pay him!?!? Or... did you do an exchange!? *giggle*

Circe said...

I am wearing a short, tight skirt today. *EG*
And of all the people I called on the to keep abreast of the breaking news, no one was in or available! I could have BLOWED UP!!!

In all the time I've worked here, I don't recall ever getting evacuated, do you?

Circe said...

Oh that sentence made sense...LMAO

I meant to say, *ahem* "of all the people I called to keep abreast, blahblahblah..."

Big Ben said...

77, come on. Its freezing up here.

My gas has forced people to evacute the area as well.

Traveling Chica said...

his royal Poobahness

Oh I've missed Miss Circe posts. :)

Enjoy your new toy!

Kerry said...

In all the years I was at Chaos College, I dont remember being evacuated.... ever! Heck, I dont even remember a fire drill or anything of the sort.

At least it was a nice day.... the ONE awesome day we've had and you got it! whooohoo

Bone said...

leaving me to wing my explanation and forget my persuasive, rehearsed speech...

Wish I could have seen that :)

weatherchazer said...

Sounds like my DH when my notebook came from Dell. "we don't have the money" six months later, I still find the coins to make a payment for that thing. And if anything like the gas line happened here, sha, the fire dept. is right next door- might take them out too.

Angela said...

New computers are fun. Maybe you could ask to be evacuated every pretty day.

Circe said...

Ben-we are in the 40's today so that one lovely day was an anomaly. Er, yeah, I bet your gas has that effect. *giggle*

TC-I have missed posting and it felt good to share again. :)

Kerbear-it felt like a jr. high fire drill!

Bone-I do prefer time to rehearse rather than having things sprung on me.

W-I totally plan on paying for this out of my own pocket so he can just quit his bitching. *S*

A-That sounds like a great idea! We should have some nice, warm days coming up next week so if this happens again, I will be suspicious. Happy, but suspicious.