Sunday, March 04, 2007

Birthday Night

Here are some pics from Fowler's birthday night! I have to start off with the picture of me and my hubby.... he takes such good care of me so I have to show him off first ;)

I took my camera (obviously) so Fachaitte said 'lets get out the camera and do pictures!' I grabbed for my camera... she grabbed for lipgloss... and I snapped this (i'm sure she doesnt want the world to see it, but here goes) attractive picture of her. lol

EVERY time i've been to this little club, this old guy is roaming around and we've been warned to be careful...he's very handsy with the girls. So, of course he plops his butt down right beside me. I have to take advantage of it... and make things worse... so I ask him to pose for a picture. He was more than happy to. I bout shit a brick when he grabbed me and pulled me close though! lol

All three of us.

Me and Fachaitte with the birthday boy.

Fowler's buddy Lloyd gave him some birthday lovin's! Or, maybe that was just a good ol boy hug-punchinthearm thing. hmmm

Fachaitte attacking Lloyd.

Us making goo-goo eyes at the camera man (Richard).

... and the girl who helped make the night what it was... the waitress!!!


Traveling Chica said...

I'm intrigued as to the waitress's role...?

Kerry said...

Well.... she did keep the drinks coming... and she had sparkling personality so she flirted endlessly. Probably to help with her tips. lol

She hung around us alot. I think we were fun. hahah

Bone said...

The old guy reminds me a little of Jack Palance.

You don't suppose he could still be alive do you?

Burg said...

Creepy old bar guys are fun.

Where's the pissed off couple picture?

Kerry said...

Bone: Freddy Krueger came to mind when I saw him. lol

Burg: I dont think I got a picture like that... I tried to do happy ones :) or at least good blackmail pics!