Thursday, March 08, 2007

The Kid in Me

Last night as I lay my sweet little head down on my pillow, the conversation went like this:

Richard: Did you watch Sesame Street when you were little?
Me: yeah
R: Then you know Snuffy?
Me: Mr Snuffleupagus? yes! I've never heard him called Snuffy, but why?
R: I cant believe you can't remember or say STREP-UH-COCK-US but you can remember and say perfectly, Mr Snuffleupagus. I see where your mind is.
Me: of course! I'd never forget him. I didn't watch Sesame Street all that much, I liked Electric Company more.. it was more action!

ok, well the conversation keeps going... but Richard was trying to point out to me that Strepacocopotomus (used in my post yesterday) was not correct. Yes, i know that... but I am not sure how to spell it and I didnt want to google it and everyone knows what i'm talking about anyway because I dont think anyone knows how to say it correctly except for Richard and probably P because those two know everything.

But, I do know Mr Snuffleupagus!


Angela said...

ABC's and 123's

Traveling Chica said...

I happen to be well versed in Sesame Street these days. :-) Snuffy is very important!

Kerry said...

I honestly didn't know it was still airing! Heck, I didnt even know PBS was still around....

I know Cartoon Network and Nick at Night really well though.