Saturday, August 02, 2008

More Tales from Two Wheels

As we passed through little towns on our RAGBRAI tour, they all offered food, water (that includes pop, sports drinks, beer, bloody marys... you name it!), plus there was always shopping to be done and bike repair stops. This is one of the towns on our first day through.

Typically it was so jammed that you had to stop and walk your bike through. There was no riding through these stops!

One crazy team (not ours) celebrating in the town square after a long hard ride that day.

The night before our big 82 mile day, a storm moved through the area and the authorities ushered us into the middle/high school for shelter. A tornado moved through that night. Being from Oklahoma, we did what good ol Oklahoman's do! We went outside to watch the storm! The guy on the very right just wanted to be in our picture... not a clue who he is! haha

One of the vendors trying to sweet talk riders into stopping for his yummy pancake balls.

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Grant said...

Pancake balls? You should have sued for sexual harassment, especially if two came with a side of tube steak filled with mayo.