Friday, August 17, 2007

Color Me Crimson

A newly-hatched academic year kicks off here at Chaos College as faculty hath returned. Following close on their scholarly heels will be the fresh batch of quivering collegians doggedly determined to push their collective noses against the educational grindstone and take their studies seriously. *chuckles* Who am I kidding? Actually they will concentrate on getting wasted and laid, and not necessarily in that order. Things will be frenzied and frantic for the next several weeks, so please bear (rwwrr) with me, mmkay?

Monday night I attempted a French manicure on myself. While it didn’t turn out too horribly, it most definitely looks like the work of a rank amateur. I’m hoping practice makes perfect. Yeah, I've removed it already and am sporting silver talons today.

My exterminating notoriety ("guillotine of death") has expanded to include Cardinal Killer. Yeah, I was driving to town last Sunday and there sat this vibrant male cardinal standing smack in the middle of the road, probably nursing a nasty hangover from the night before, trying to remember how to get home, dreading the inevitable quarrel with the missus regarding his nocturnal whereabouts. Trickling its way through his birdbrained haze came the realization that a vehicle was heading straight for him and he’d better quickly dash out of harm’s way. However, his tiny, feathery synapses weren’t all firing in birdy synchronicity and he flew headlong into the SUV of Death resulting in one colorful, crimson lifeless corpse lying in an ignominious heap on the roadway. Poor guy.

And speaking of red, faculty and staff are gloriously bedecked in our matching ruby Freshman Orientation t-shirt glory (Sveltana is modeling the shirt. That is the back view) topped off with jeans/gauchos/shorts/slacks/hula skirts, etc. Personally, I’m wearing navy blue capris that are giving me a serious wedgie. In less than an hour, a picnic motif meal will be served in the cafeteria for all to enjoy and I for one can’t wait to wolf down this most excellent cuisine. Yeah for Friday!!!


CruiserMel said...

LOL @ cardinal killer. Actually, I'm not really laughing, because ewwww, and poor little thing.... but just the way you said it. And SUV of Death. You topped yourself.

Have a great weekend, o-tay?

Circe said...

You too, sweetiepops, and sorry Cleveland didn't live up to your expectations. :) Um, it truly is just a big ole urban blight rustbelt city, but hey, it's home.