Friday, August 17, 2007

You Big Boob!

Bein's how i'm preggers and all.... I not only grow in my belly, but the boobage gets bigger too!

I love that for sure! Richard certainly hasn't complained... but this week the whole world has made note of the twins.

Yesterday morning I was asked to a 'meeting' about something that did NOT warrant a meeting. It was something that could have been mentioned in an email... but the guys seemed to enjoy talking to me. One even mentioned that I had a nice top on.

Then, I go to lunch with Richard. I sat across from him jabbering away... while his eyes gazed at my chest. I looked down... looked back at him... he said "I can't help it! They are just there!" ugh

So, i grabbed them and did a little jiggle for him.

Later in the afternoon I stopped to speak with one of my big bosses and while I was talking he'd look at my eyes.... then my left boob, right boob, back to my eyes, left boob, right boob... the entire time I was there!


This morning, I head to another location with a tech and while we're there fixing a scanner, the operator gets to chatting with me. I immediately notice that he's having problems finding my eyes... heck he cant even find my face at all. But he has found my boobs. The tech looks at me, looks at him... back to me. He's noticed that the guy is having problems.

After our job is done, we walk into the break room to gather our things and tech says "um, did you notice that the driver had a hard time finding your face!? You need a shirt that says THOSE ARENT MY EYES" HAHAHAH

I hope they stay this way :) I like the big... hehe I should use this time to my advantage.... maybe i can get some things that i've beeen wanting (at work ;)


Guilty Secret said...

Glad to hear you're enjoying it because it could get very annoying if you let it!

This is the right attitude: 'so, I grabbed them and did a little jiggle for him' - he he he!

egan said...

Just wait until the milk comes in and your "engorged". Richard and others will be stoked. You will be in pain though. If you need any breastfeeding advice, I'm here.