Saturday, October 21, 2006

Today, Its Cold.. Tomorrow Even Colder!

What was originally a jam packed busy weekend, has turned into a stay at home (stay inside because it's freakin' cold) weekend. Our soccer game scheduled for today got cancelled. Actually we had to forfeit because too many players were out of town and we didn't have enough to play a full team. Then I got a call and the wine party Richard and I were going to tonite got cancelled because Sherri fell off a ladder at home... and is in the hospital with a skull fracture! Our full loaded Saturday, has now been turned into a loaf around the house day. A much needed loaf day!

We did hit The Girlie Show last night and tomorrow we're going to check out the Greek Festival. I also managed to clean - almost spit shine - our bedroom and unpack more clothes with an attempt to find some closet space for them. We have a huge Australian closet and I still am able to fill the thing. I've pulled out the clothes I don't want or can't wear anymore (due to increase in muscle size :)) and i'm putting them aside for my sister to 'go shopping' if she'd like. Otherwise, Goodwill... here they come!

I hope Sherri gets to feeling better soon...

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Traveling Chica said...

I hope she's okay! :(

I love those days that you think are going to be crazy and you end up getting to loaf. They don't happen nearly often enough!