Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Bag Lady

I feel like I haven’t posted an entry in ages but what with missing work on Friday for the staff development conference and being parked at a different desk yesterday and now trying frantically to accomplish a few tasks at regular desk today, I am swamped! Things will quiet down by the end of this week when we reach low tide affectionately known as Fall Break.

The conference was a total success and as you noticed, I took a lot of pics, many more than I posted. Like most things in life, I cannot say it went completely smooth and glassy with no pesky ripples. First off, one of the gals in the other college vehicle received notice that her father has suffered an unexpected medical emergency resulting in a quick shove out the door for her fellow riders the second they arrived as she beat a hasty retreat back to campus. The rest of us carried on enjoying a delightful day as we munched on danish and muffins for breakfast and a delicious repast for lunch including a wide selection of beverages quaffed continuously throughout the entire program. Also present were the vendors from last year showcasing a lovely selection of mostly jewelry and handbags. As might be expected, I didn’t leave empty handed as I snagged a beautiful matching ebony necklace and earring set. And of course I fell in love with an exquisite travel bag and promptly added that to my purchases. (see pic above). Our final snag for the day occurred in the parking lot as we attempted to head for home. Not only did the other group have to briefly wait for our massive overall-clad maintenance guy to show up in their original college car, but the embarrassed driver of my vehicle had accidentally left the lights on resulting in a dead battery. Fortunately little time was wasted in rectifying either situation and we all roared off in an exhaust fume haze heading up I-35.

Taurus April 20 - May 20

An attempt to better market yourself will have lifelong repercussions after an ill-advised promotional giveaway off of Route 39.


twisted panties said...

I LOVE the bag.

Circe said...

It really is a terrific bag. :)