Friday, October 20, 2006

The Color Wheel

I so wanted to get a picture of this lady I saw yesterday, but I didn't dare pull out my camera as I was only sitting about five feet away from her.

After work I headed to my friendly chiropractor to get yet another adjustment (thanks to the car wreck), signed in and grabbed a seat. I jabbered on the phone, sent a few text messages and then settled in for the waiting game. This is the time when you check out all the people in the waiting area. I discovered the one chick I can NOT stand was there... she's whiney and bossy and demanding and hateful... need I go on? I feel sorry for her little hubby and new baby. It always seems like her appointments are at the same time mine are. I know she does that just to annoy me. Another frequent visitor had propped himself against the wall and was snoring softly... but I fixed my eyes on the lady sitting just two seats away from me.

She didn't notice me watching her... she was too busy primping and being something fantastic... dont know what that could be... but she was trying.

She had carrot orange/red hair, brick red lipstick, fuschia sweater, blood red purse... and I'll be danged if she didn't pull out her cell phone - bright red razr! She was a fashion nightmare. About 100lbs overweight with horribly tight jeans and was being so prissy... checked her lipstick, her makeup, checked phone for calls, waded up her lips, crossed her kankles at the ankle, clutched her pleather purse and acted all hotsy totsy. I was cracking up!

The highlight of my day!

The highlight of my night was Richard *kisses*
Thanks for an awesome night out, sweetness! I love you!

Richard took me to Outback steakhouse for dinner and then we hit a few clubs in Bricktown. He's a doll! Always making sure that i'm having a good time and lots of relaxation... and some details i'm going to leave out :)


Circe said...

Oh Ker, I wish you had snapped a pic! I would love to view this fashion nightmare. I'm rolling in my chair with the 'crossed cankles and clutching pleather purse'! AHAHAHAH........ Too funny! :)

It's reminding me of the pics "L" snapped of the gal in the rainbow bright outfit at the boat dock. Remember those pics???

Kerry said...

Oh yeah! I remember those pics... and what was even better was listening to her describe the whole thing! hahahah

Anonymous said...

Well this has nothing to do with the overweight, purse-clutching, red-headed, red lipstick wearing lady in the chiropractor office, but i just wanted to let you know that Morgan decided that she'd be a stunt woman for halloween this year and jumped off the swing and broke her little right arm last night! So she'll be sporting a nice cast on her right arm for a halloween costume! I'll send pics as soon as the permenant cast gets put on come Monday morning!!! Love mich

Bone said...

OK, I have no idea what cankles are or what color fuscia is, but I still enjoyed the story.

My favorite part is the chick who schedules her appointments at the same time as yours :)

Kerry said...

Bone: A cankle is calf/ankle combo. When a persons leg is chubby and their ankle is chubby too... its one long chubby stem and forms a cankle. Fuscia is a hot pink color :) Have you ever read that joke about how to tell if a man is a REAL man? One of the items is... they have no idea what Fuscia is or the difference between off-white and ivory. haha... Its good you dont know what Fuscia is ;)

Mich... where have you been!? You haven't e'd me in forever! Sorry to hear about Morgan. Maybe she was going to be Superwoman!? hehe... send me pics!

Traveling Chica said...

I'm sure she schedules them at that time just to annoy you as well. :) You should start talking to her like she's your best friend and maybe it will freak her out enough for her to change her time? Hmmm... or not so much. :)