Friday, October 20, 2006

Deer Me!

I feel compelled to share this actual report from the police blotter of the weekly Podunkville Gazette:

8:10 am Report of a deer jumping fence and is wandering around on the football field.
8:15 am Report of a deer on the baseball field.
8:17 am Report of a deer on the softball field.
8:19 am Report of a deer on the baseball field ramming it’s head into the fence and has now ran back to the football field with two dogs chasing it.

And on this final day of fabulous fall break (not for pitiful peons, however), I leave you with some blinky scantily-clad beefcake. *snickers loudly*

The’s 5 IM Lines Sent by Mark Foley

5> i'm putn final touches on bill right now. btw, bill sez hi.

4> i'm up for re-erection soon

3> will u b my date to the NAMBLA dance?

2> wanna meet on the floor of my house or yours?

1> who's your pro-family values daddy?

Capricorn December 22 - January 19

The mood in the room will be all but ruined the moment your partner decides to steer pillow talk toward payment.


Traveling Chica said...

That could've been my hometown you were describing there, Circe. Of course, you could also substitute the word "cow" for the word "deer" and it would still work... :)

Loved the IM lines... good for a laugh! :)

Kerry said...

HOT H O T Pictures! :)

Circe said...

TC--you have no idea how this makes a big city person giggle uncontrollably. I admit it, I am still clueless when it comes to small towns....... :)

Bone said...

OK, one of your lurkers just asked me to comment this. Can we go back to the sparkly red bikini blinky pics?

Traveling Chica said...

One of the "lurkers," huh Bone? You sure it's not you? ;)

Circe: don't worry, most people struggle with the whole "small town" concept, so it's pretty expected.

But yeah, it happens. :)