Thursday, October 19, 2006

Missing Meowser

I’ve introduced all of you to my favorite Fur Slug, Stubbly. Though less than thrilled with our diminutive, new additions, Snickers and Oreo, he has exhibited his unfailing good nature once again, displaying tolerance and benevolence to our rowdy upstarts. I love him dearly but he is very much a "daddy’s boy" and gazes at TBC with unwavering devotion. Nothing like a little hero worship. We’ve had this fuzzy, ebony, Harley-collared behemoth since his precocious youth when he, along with his brother, was rescued from the malevolent refinery by TBC. Both underwent operations as they had suffered broken tails for some unknown reason and Stubbly was left with nothing more than a, well, stub. Soon after their arrival, Tails hitchhiked to another town to find fame and fortune. Though other replacements have come and gone with alarming regularity, Sir Stubbs and the Witch Queen, Spikey, remain staples in our feline-friendly household.

Usually an enduring, unchanging fixture in our cat menagerie, Stubbly suddenly decided to give us panic attacks last Sunday when he failed to return from his outdoor roaming. When Monday dawned and our prowler had failed to return, our orange alert escalated to crimson. TBC got wind of a nasty catfight the night before which added to our accelerating anxiety. After repeated calls proved fruitless, he frantically stalked the fields and roads near our house in search of our furry wanderer and promised to ask our neighbor of any news. Expecting the worst, I came to work Tuesday, dejected and sad, awaiting the dreaded phone call telling of his heartbreaking demise. Joy of joys! TBC reported that our boy had unwittingly been held prisoner in the neighbor’s garage for the past 48 hours! In his haste to flee the fracas, he had scooted into the cavernous enclosure and gotten stuck there. Unfazed by his ordeal (with the exception of a hearty appetite), the big guy was relatively unscathed and after a bolted meal, quickly begged to continue his newfound quest for adventure. I believe installing some sort of tracking device on him wouldn’t be a bad idea. Better yet, this necessitates his very own cell phone to avert future POW episodes. :)

The’s 5 Pet Peeves of Pets

5> Dingoes: "When you snatch a bony, crunchy baby instead of a plump, juicy one."

4> Cat: "Why are these people in my house?"

3> Dog: "What the... HEY!!! Where are my balls!!!!"

2> Goldfish: "Oh, tap-tap-tap! *There's* a new one!"

1> Guppy: "Every time that hot Angelfish looks this way, I've got one of those stringy turds hanging."


Traveling Chica said...

I'm so happy to hear you found him! (He's beautiful, btw.) My cat used to do that too... scared the heck outta me. He was a perpetual "house cat in training" and didn't really want to give up his outdoor independence. Therefore, he came inside when he wanted, and went outside when he wanted. (Yes, I was properly trained.)

There would be times though, that he would disappear for longer times (and as he was neutered, that excuse wasn't valid) and I would worry incessantly until his return.

I must say that this cracked me up:I believe installing some sort of tracking device on him wouldn’t be a bad idea. Better yet, this necessitates his very own cell phone to avert future POW episodes. :) I can see it now: not only are teens dependent on cell phones to announce their every step, but cats will be too. Oh man...

Just think of the marketing on this stuff!

Wombat & Aspen said...

Cats being MIA is the worst, worst thing.

Very happy to hear he's back.

Definitely time for his very own GPS equipped cell phone with instructions to call home at any time he needs a lift.

Circe said...

He's an indoor/outdoor and actually, he's gotten closed in our garage before so this is not all that unusual but the neighbor usually doesn't have his door shut. And he is neutered and totally acts like he isn't. LOL

I know, we need something to track this boy, Wombat. :)