Monday, January 28, 2008

The Biggest Loser

I just found out that a guy I work with has been going to bootcamp too. He's lost 30 pounds!

dayum!!!! Gettin all buff and stuff!

One of our rules of camp is not to weigh yourself. Weight is not a good indicator of fitness. He would be in twubble!!! hehe


TC said...

Back to comment moderation, huh? Bummer.

Somehow I have a hunch telling on him would be a no-no too ;-)

It's good that you're getting so into this: I'm enjoying the play-by-play so far!

Kerry said...

Yep. A butt munch from the other side of the state likes to read about how marvelous Circe and I are. Moderation saves all of our real friends from having to stomach their uneducated and inbred comments.

I hope I can keep you guys entertained with my pain. lol

グラント said...

I want to see the butt munch comments - they sound interesting. I never get anything but boring old nice people. Where are all the Jebus freaks when you need them?

So, is your coworker getting hot now? Give him some encouragement - tell him to lose 20 more pounds and you'll have sex with him. :p

TC said...

Well, you guys are pretty marvelous ;-)