Friday, January 25, 2008

Well Said!

I was shocked to hear the news of Heath Ledger and I have to say that it makes me terribly sad. My heart breaks for his little girl who is too young to understand what has happened, but old enough to know that she's missing her daddy.

I read this article written by Star Jones... and she said it right! Stop speculating... and leave the family alone! The media can be such jerks.

Let's get to what we don't know: his death was a tragic accident, or something to the contrary. Until we know for sure, I think the media should just shut their mouths and stop all the speculation that's been running rampant.


Queen of the Mayhem said...

I completely if we need to add to a grieving family's suffering by speculation!

Does it really matter? It is a terrible tragedy, regardless!

I have a dear friend whose father killed himself 2 weeks ago. Believe it or not...she and her family were contacted by 3 of the local news stations to give if she would want to talk about it ON THE NEWS! And they are not even famous!

TC said...

I'm devastated by this :( Seriously.

The thing I hated the worst was hearing about the Baptist church that was going to picket because he played a gay cowboy in a movie. Seriously - his family doesn't need this crap. Pisses me off.

Kerry said...

Queen: Its sad that our society has become so engrossed in the losses of other people. Doing at interview... or spreading your news all over the tv/radio is the LAST thing on your mind when you're grieving!

TC: I heard about the picketing. That just ticks me off too! There is no respect for the family... at all! and the church of ALL people ought to be a place where you get treated right! Shame on them!