Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Cat Scratch Fever

Last night TBC decided it was high time to give wittle Frankie a dose of hairball drugs. Um yeah. Much like the time he dispensed worm meds, I got stuck holding the new guy’s elusive appendages down as TBC shoved the liquid down his rebellious throat. I am now the proud owner of three fairly deep hand scratches to go along with all the previous Fedex envelope cuts. *sigh*

Today starts another week of sharing working quarters with the switchboard gals as office partners. I do adore the sweeties so I’m not really miffed, but I truly prefer my own space. The cacophony in our building is deafening even with my door closed as construction guys scurry around drilling, pounding and generally making a dusty, ungodly mess. “A” and I were even treated to plumber’s squat this morning right outside “our door” but fortunately he was not wearing his low riders nor sporting a massive belly. We dodged a bullet on that one.

Electricity was out at some point this weekend so not all phones were working when we came in and everyone’s work email was down. Yeah, it’s so a Monday. On the bright side, my secret pal left me chocolaty goodness in my mailbox. I’m so stoked! Also, “S” is coming to take me away to go eat lunch with her and dispense some much-needed stress relief. :)


TC said...

Take care of those scratches: they can get nasty!!!

Um, what's this secret pal thing? I feel like i missed something! But yay for chocolaty goodness! :)

Circe said...

TC--I know! He's so cute but his claws are so deadly.

I need to blog about that later this week. :)

Wombat said...

Wear your scratches with pride, Circe! They mark you as a member of the proud order of the feline.

(But TC's right. Find a bandaid and put one on. If you can find one. Snigger.)

weatherchazer said...

Hopefully my secret pal will be leaving me some chocolaty goodness on 2/1- my seven year anniversary in this hell hole! Hopefully I'll also be able to eat it!

Kerry said...
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