Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Daycare Delimma

Here's a little more info on the daycare disaster yesterday.

When I dropped Z off, I told them not to lay her flat because with the congestion it plugs up her nose and she can’t breath, so she needed to nap in her carseat or a bouncie seat. When I picked her up, she was laying flat on her back and snot and boogies were packed in both nostrils and all over her nose. She was struggling to breath. I went ballistic! I scooped her up…. only to find her soaking wet from laying there for God only knows how long, and spitting up bottles of spit-up all over herself. I jump all over the girl working and her response was “yeah, they all have runny noses” followed by “she just ate at 2pm so she was fixing to eat again“. It was only 3:30pm! She doesn’t eat that often. Thats part of the problem. They were shoving bottles in her when she really didnt need them and she’s just throwing them back up. PLUS they arent keeping her nose clean. She couldnt breath for the love of pete!!!!! I’m still very upset. I only saw one worker chick for about 5 babies that were laying there. Still another issue I have.

As I was walking out the front door… fuming… the owner stopped me and in her very deep Columbian accent said “we have problems. Please keep us in your prayers“. I’m thinking… you ain’t a kiddin you have problems! So, I inquire as to what her problem is. “The bus driver is mad at me and quitting and says he takes his wife with him“. Thats the daycare director, which in my opinion is no loss because she was worthless. She goes on… “he spreads rumors that my doors are closing, but I want you to know that I am open and i’ve hired a replacement. She doesnt have credentials but i’m training her and in the meantime I’ve got a temp“.

Enough said. I’m out of here. No way are we staying in this disaster area! She keeps asking me to pray for her. OH I WILL ALRIGHT! And pray for us too… so that we find another place!

These two home daycares that I interviewed today look promising.


Sizzle said...

that's awful! poor baby (babies as the case may be).

i hope you find a MUCH better place. they need more than prayers it sounds like.

TC said...


Get her out of there, pronto!!!

Elizabeth said...

Good, good, good! I'm SOOOOO glad you're getting out of there! There's no need for them to ask for you to pray for them. Geez. They're a fricking BUSINESS!

Kerry said...

Sizzle: We found a new sitter... I pray all of those babies at that horrid place find a new daycare home!

TC: I took off running... and never looked back!

Elizabeth: Very unprofessional to air their dirty laundry to me... I thought!

egan said...

Fuck, there are some major issues there. No infant needs to eat on the hour.

Do you have a childcare shortage in Nebraska? This place sounds like it will be closed in a few weeks with how things are going. Thanks for explaining this.

No praying, just hope the other parents get their kids out too.

グラント said...

You should have prayed right in her face. "Almighty Satan, hear my plea. Kill these dufuses now and in exchange I will offer up the immortal soul of, um, that kid over there." And in case Satan is busy taking another call, just go ahead and burn the place down yourself. The other parents should thank you. Okay, maybe not the mother of the kid you consigned to oblivion, but other than dealing with that whiner you should be good.

BTW, my word verification was "pawhusy".

thephoenixnyc said...

Sounds like a nightmare. How hard it must be to leave your little one alone.

Reminds me of the neo-feminist lament "we can have it all, just not at the same time."

Kerry said...

Egan: The story continues today! I'll post today's continuation of daycare delimma. There are waiting lists for daycare everywhere you go... it's hard to find a spot and a GOOD spot at that! I might have to just open one myself!

Pawhusy: Columbian lady probably would have joined in on the prayer. That would have freaked me out.

NYC: It is extremely hard to have to leave her. It's not so bad when they can talk and tell you about the day... but when they are so small it's hard to part with them!