Thursday, November 02, 2006

Boy Toys

Much like other businesses around the country, this past October 31st found some employees showing up for work in costume. We had several witches patrolling the hallways, and then there were even a few outfitted and pretending to be them. ;) I didn’t stroll around campus to view our creative students, but I have no doubt many participated. I couldn’t help but notice a baby-faced nerdboy buddy of “Napoleon” strutting down our hall decked out as a goth/heavy metal aficionado. I did a double take. The transformation was incredulous and amazing and boy was he ever HOT! Wow! Breathing became ragged as I clutched the edges of my desk in an effort to prevent my racing out the door, throwing him down on our tiled passageway (or dragging him back to my secret seduction lair) and having my lusty way with him. That boy really needs to dress like that ALL the time. Sure wish I had snapped a pic...

That got me to thinking about other underage hotties we’ve had attending in past years and I know you are all asking yourself if Ms Circe ever finds herself attracted to these nubile younguns. Being the responsible, upstanding person that I am, I can honestly say it has been a rare occurrence and one I would never ever dream of acting upon. That said, I do recall one guy I would have considered bending the rules for and that was Rob. Years ago he briefly worked for us in the IT area and he was as friendly and sweet and unstuck-on-himself as a guy could be. I’m not sure he was even aware of his ‘hunk factor’ but his pleasant manner just enhanced his boyish charm. Our conversations never got out of line, and I truly doubt he knew just what an effect he had on me. The only physical embrace we shared was one time when I saw him outside my building in the evening and ran up to enthusiastically greet him. He long ago moved on and I’ve never heard what direction his life took. I hope he’s happy and healthy and attached to someone as wonderful as he deserves. Years later it dawned on me that of all the time spent at Chaos College, the one year my smiling face graced the yearbook (and student handbook) ad nauseum was the year he worked in that department. I guess maybe he liked me too. :)

Reasons You Shouldn't Forward Me That Email

11. I eat puppies, kittens, and other cute animals, and sending me pictures of them only makes me hungry for more.

10. I've been on the Internet forever and have already seen/heard/smelled whatever you're sending before.

9. You'd like me to remain your friend.

8. I don't care if the kid dies from cancer.

7. I have a sense of humor and that joke isn't remotely funny.

6. If you forward that message to ten of your friends then a unicorn dies.

5. You'll prove once and for all that I'm smarter than you.

4. I am actually hoping to get robbed/mugged/carjacked.

3. If I wanted to see pictures of babies, I'd buy an Anne Geddes book.

2. If it doesn't have to do with making my penis bigger then I don't want it in my Inbox.

1. Bill Gates already sent me my free Xbox, $1000, and tickets to Disney. I don't want to be greedy.


Traveling Chica said...

We had several witches patrolling the hallways, and then there were even a few outfitted and pretending to be one. ;)

Oh, Miss Circe. How well I understand this one.

Circe said...

Hehehehe! I won't mention the particular dept. that tends to fit that description all year round, but I'll bet Kerbear would guess correctly. :)