Sunday, November 05, 2006

Raining Cats and Turkey's

Our 10:30am game got pushed back to 11:30am because of rain and when we got to the soccer fields, they announced that our game wouldnt start until about 11:45am because they were running behind and another team was using our field.

We got started a bit before noon. The first half no one scored. We knew this team would be quite a challenge... and we werent letting them get into our goal and they were doing the same. Not much into the second have, C passed the soccer ball to a team member and ding! a score!!! whooohoo! It was the only one of the game. We won 1-0 and fought hard for it!

We were going into the finals undefeated and depending on the outcome of a game being played simultaneously with ours, it was possible we'd have to play this very same team again.

They pushed back our final game 30 minutes and as we arrived at the fields to fight for tournament champs, the rain was pouring and periodically thunder could be heard clapping in the sky. We stood on the sidelines of our field watching the final moments of the game before us. Bundled up in coats and huddled under an umbrella, we were laying bets as to whether we'd actually get to play. Rumor had it that the storm was moving towards us... not away from us.

Our turn on the field... the refs showed up and we started playing. It was us against Tsunami... again. The same team we'd played this morning. We had scored one goal (them none) when lighting struck and they called everyone off the field. We hung around the parking lot for about 30 minutes waiting to see if the weather would clear and we'd get to finish... but no cigar. They called the entire tournament and we won first!

I have pictures... but for some reason they won't send (from my cell) to blogger. dagnabit!


twisted panties said...

Yay! Congrats on the win.

Kerry said...

Thank you! We were/are really excited about it!