Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Ice Storm Images

I didn't realize our ice storm was so damaging, but today on the news they said about one million people were without power right now... and most had been without power for several days. One of the providers said it will be about 7 days before they can get their customers back on! That's 1/4 of the people in the state without electricity. I'm so glad i'm not one of them. I've been there done that... and its no fun! Last night I was trying to post a few pictures and our power went out twice... but snapped right back on. It was a scarey brief moment! Needless to say, I didnt get my pictures posted... until now.

The raining ice has turned into rain. Thunderstorms actually. So tonight that ought to make for lots of fun on the roads!

These are just the little plants in my yard. All over the city there are huge trees split in half and downed powerlines. Its a sad sight.


nunu said...

I have seen some of the trees that were split from the ice on the news. Sad...The "office" in Tulsa lost their power yesterday morning. Stay warm!

TC said...

Yikes, stay safe!

That second photo though: gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!

Wombat said...

All that ice now, but is there ever any when I want some in my Scotch?


Kerry said...

Nunu: It's crazy how many trees are down and just laying across the roads. There are so many... they are having a hard time keeping up! I guess the electricity comes first anyways.

TC: Thanks!!! I wish i'd gotten more pictures during the day. Well, I wish i'd gotten just one during the day! haha Ice storms are beautiful. Treacherous... but so beautiful!

Wombat: I'll package some up and send it your way :)

Angela said...

Thank goodness for power.
I like staying warm

weatherchazer said...

We've only experienced icing once that I can remember. I was 18 and it made the power go out in the middle of the night. We had to go get my granma..then it started to snow. I was trapped with my parents and granma for a week and a half in the same house with no power for most of that time. I went through a lot of batteries.