Wednesday, April 18, 2007

On the Road Again

We're gonna need a bigger house. I've decided.

Today while heading out to buy velcro for the techs who are cleaning up and reorganizing the chargers downstairs, I took a little side-step. Every time I head out to run errands or something, I try to take a different route so I can familiarize myself with the area. You never know what you might find! Today, instead of taking major roads, I shot down 36th street and came upon this cute cute cute neighborhood. BlahBlah Heights. I cant remember the first part... but it was Heights for sure.

From where I come from.... the Heights would indicate skankville. This wasnt the case. Buried in a cool little place in the city are huge homes with beautiful yards. I tried to catch every little thing I could... glancing left, then right, then left, right....etc. I found one for sale!!! I so want to see it...

I certainly wouldn't move to the city, but I'd love to see those homes and I wonder how much they sell for. I know we can buy alot more house in the city for the same money we spend to live in the burbs.

I'm gonna look for open houses and start looking.... this is going to drive Richard crazy I think. This whole pregnancy thing will drive him nuts. My sister said she's loving this one... she told mom "this pregnancy is so fun! She's so mean with this one!" lol

I don't think so.


Burg said...

We're house hunting right now too.

Here's hoping we both hit the jackpot!

Kerry said...

Good luck with your hunt! I love to look at houses... but after awhile they start blending together. haha

Big Ben said...

House hunting is a blast, house buy not so much. The burbs eh? The burbs are cool when you hit 35 year old.

Traveling Chica said...

Good luck :)

Circe said...

Kerbear, we definitely come from different areas. Our 'burbs that had the word "Heights" in them were the nicest places to live. BTW, I grew up in a "Heights" (not as pricey as most) so I am taking umbrage at this diss!
JK! :P

Angela said...

What is the point in lieing
Have fun looking