Thursday, September 27, 2007

Chump Change

An instructor friend of mine was relating a sordid tale of an experience she had a few weeks ago with a current student of hers. Having a rough time making ends meet what with increasing gas prices and living off her Pell grant funds, this twenty-something mother of three has hit up my friend for cash several times in the past and generously been given a few bucks each time. L’s widowed mom has been living next door but as she is now unable to care for herself, she recently moved in with L. L plans to sell most of her mom’s unused belongings and this female con artist offered to help clean the house. L promised to pay her for services rendered but with the stipulation that payment would be on the following Wednesday. As promised, the student came to help and was even given freebies that would have gone in the sale including a microwave, sheets, a down comforter and more. That Monday, the gal called and emailed L demanding her money! L reminded her that payment would be on Wednesday as previously stated as she had not had time to visit the bank. The pushy conniver had the gall to offer to go with L to the bank but was informed that the bank is situated in a different town. On Tuesday, the cajone-owning bitch shows up on L’s doorstep insisting on immediate payment as "her cable bill was due." (And this is L’s problem, how??) Wednesday dawns and L tapes the cash-filled envelope to her door in hopes of avoiding this confrontational, mentally unbalanced nutcase. Ms Psycho knocked at her door anyway and lamely apologized for her bizarre behavior by giving some flimsy excuse about getting chewed out by another instructor which upset her, blahblahblah. Huh? Needless to say, that gal has now burned any future dollar bill bridges from my soft-hearted friend, but odds are this won’t be the last L hears from her. Beotch. Greedy, Scheming Beotch.


CruiserMel said...

Honestly, the gall some people have in them! (have you read my latest adventures in Financeland?) Your friend is completely right - cut that shit off!

nunu said...

It is frightening to know that Ms Psycho knows where she lives. These types of people know how to work you and the system.

TC said...

Hey Miss Circe, why don't you tell us how you really feel about her? :)

(She sounds like a nut job.)

Circe said...

CM--I will read that today.

Nunu--I find that frightening also. After that Tuesday she came by, "L" requested extra patrol on her street. I don't blame her!

TC--I do tend to give my opinion, don't I? HAHAHA! I have more rants coming up but I'm not quite as cranky as I come off. :) I promise!