Monday, October 08, 2007


Well Oktobertfest has come and gone and the fall season is now official. The crowds were bigger than usual and though it was quite humid and we got sprinkled on a few times, the rain held off nicely. I wore sensible (read: non-slip) footgear which aided in keeping my ever-precarious balance and a much-desired low profile. I stuck to my guns and no feathered boas or powdery funnel cakes were purchased. It probably helped that they ran out of funnel cakes early on and no girly boas were to be found, but still... Wildly veering off the ethnic German theme, I munched on nachos rather than bratwurst. While they did serve Pumpkin beer, it was not very pumpkiny nor was it particularly alcoholicy. I bought the large plastic mug rather than the commemorative glass one but never really got a buzz going on. And it wasn’t just the pumpkin choice that lacked ooomph, as a bitterly complaining bro-in-law sampled most of them with the same weak results. I saw a few people I knew and a lot I didn’t. Flower Child showed up in all her boobtastic glory and joined our laid-back group reclining on the mound. The costumed polka band did more talking than playing and when they finally got down to brass tacks, the strains of the despised Chicken Dance were interspersed with the Pennsylvania Polka and Elvis tunes. (wtf?) Nevertheless, I wouldn’t miss this annual event for all the tea in China. Happy Gourds!

My shoes

My mug

View from the infamous mound

Her father's pleasant disposition


TC said...

I just realized I remember the Oktoberfest post from last year with vivid clarity... thus meaning I've been reading your blog well over a year... wow. Where's the last year gone??

I'm glad for your sake that you didn't fall this year... but man that was good blog fodder :)

CruiserMel said...

Pumpkin beer? Mmmmmokay. But I totally go with ya on the nachos. Not that fast-food nachos are any good - but that wurst stuff scares me. I mean, do they put the mud from the previous year's blog entry into those weiners? Okay, that little vision even grossed me out a bit.

But really, it sounds like fun. Great weekend for festival stuff, no?

Wombat said...

Are you sure that's a mound and not a grassy knoll, Circe?

Ach, who cares. 'nother round anyone?

Kerry said...

Nice grimmace on her face. HAHAHA

Circe said...

TC--I have to admit, no pratfalls highlighted this year's festivities and maybe it was the poorer for it. There's always next year! We're thinking of skipping the middleman and getting buzzed ahead of time. :)

CM--I just really love wandering around checking out the sights and sounds and smells of this event. But the Pumpkin beer was spicier last year so I don't know what they did differently. *sigh* I wonder if I could try adding some pumpkin spice to regular beer?

Wombie--I was going to change 'mound' to 'grassy knoll' and forgot! Once again, great minds...

Ker--She does that every time I try to take a pic of her. Her famous 'Grimace Face.' hehehe

Wombat said...

...drink Pumpkin beer*!

*Not available in all states, notably Florida.