Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Space Invader

We’ve recently had some staff changes and are the proud owners of two new warm bodies joining our ever-changing IT circle. The new guy who shall now be christened “Nep” (short for nepotism as his mommy is a friend of Grand Poobah’s and you cannot tell me that didn’t influence the decision-making process) just started this Monday. He may turn out to be a sheer pleasure and delight or possibly a trouble-making, rat bastard, but at this point, who knows.

Our other new hire is “T,” aka "Cowgirl." I found her somewhat annoying the very day she came to interview but I realize not everyone makes a great first impression. After all, she’s a fellow Northerner (Michigan), albeit a rural farm gal with an inordinate love of the equine set. In the last few weeks we’ve gotten better acquainted and though the jury is still out, I’m slowly warming up, or I was until last Friday when I got pretty hacked off. My goal each week is to get in a minimum of three hours of walk time and as my treadmill hasn’t worked in ages, I make good use of the work machines at noon during lunch. It's how I roll. Well, last Friday she asked directions to the feed store in this town (yeah, like I’ve ever set foot in one *eye rolling*) and where the post office (more up my alley) was located. No problem. Then she suggests the ludicrous notion of me taking her there. In MY car. And she wasn’t just scoping out the sites as she also needed to buy feed! Quite frankly I have no freekin clue how big a bag(s) we’re talking about but my willingness to help immediately fled the premises. For starters, I’m currently driving The Beast, (fodder for another day) and once I am parked I do not move this vehicle. Period. This four-wheeled machomobile takes a full minute to warm up, guzzles gas like nobody’s business, and as parking spots are currently at a premium, I’m not about to relinquish mine for any reason whatsoever. Plus, I would have squandered my entire lunch hour squiring the newbie about town and been minus a much-needed workout. She plans to join me in the gym in the very near future and this is fine and dandy but da 'etched in stone' rulz are:

  • I leave the office straight up noon.
  • I walk over to the gym and will continue to: a. while the weather holds out b. until I change cars.
  • I spend the full hour there; no leaving to grab a bite to eat.
  • My workout days vary wildly so there is no set day I go.

So, she is welcome to join me. Or not. Yesterday she tried to get on my good side by bribing me with yummy Sundried Tomato and Basil Wheat Thins but then this morning she negated all her progress by making the grave mistake of invading my space! This is an absolute no-no and will not be tolerated. Office personnel are well aware of this unwritten rule that one does not come around the desk to stand next to the assistant unless one is invited to do so. Damn rule breaker…


TC said...

Awww, poor Miss Circe has some newbies to train :)

(You're hardcore about gym time!!!)

Wombat said...

It was the Beast she was after, needing, as she did, six hundredweight of oats.

*trying to find a way to make a hitching rail joke here, but not finding it*

Circe said...

TC--Learning the ropes at a new place of employment isn't the easiest thing to do, but this gal keeps bonking into my invisible electric fence!

Yes, I take working out darn seriously and she is not to cramp my style... :)

Wombat--We will all have to employ many horsey references when discussing Cowgirl. :) (Horsegirl?)

Kerry said...

uht oh.... I'm sensing alot more blog material! muuuaahahahahah!!!

A-Real-Man said...

I find your lack of understanding for some one who is trying very hard to make a new friend in a strange place some what...selfish? I suppose that word will do. I know I know, I don't even know you and I am sure much of this is tongue in cheek but puleese give the girl a break. It is obvious that she likes you and wants to be friends.

Well that is my take on it. :-)

A Real Man

Circe said...

ARM--I agree. She is just reaching out and honestly, I don't mean to come across as cold and uncaring. I suppose it's just I've been bitten too many times and I tend to be wary. I promise, I'm a nice person and yes, alot of this post is tongue in cheek and I'm not as torqued with her as I comes across. I promise to cut her some slack and be helpful. It's not easy being the new kid on the block and I of all people know that feeling too well from my senior year in high school. (some day, I need to talk about this...)

Thanks for your take on matters and feel free to express your views anytime. :)