Thursday, October 11, 2007

Luna Sea

My Avon (that I didn’t want to order in the first place) came in last week (ok, it is a very cute handbag but still…) and Flower Child called to inform me of this. I was indisposed at the time of her call so TBC had a nice, long chat with her regarding the current well-being of her hub/his cuz/Nutjob City. My last post left off with his four-day hospital stay (preceded by The Slammer), but he was then released back into the wild. Things had been fairly quiet—until that conversation proved otherwise. From the one-sided dialogue I overheard, peace has not reigned supreme by a long shot. Among several things discussed, I learned that he would like either TBC or TBC’s bro to purchase a handgun for him. Now that would be a stellar idea considering he’s crazier than a loon and a deadly weapon would be a nice addition to his (so far) unsupported, mostly verbal threats to society. I would think the innocents he terrorized might not appreciate his taking ownership of such an injurious weapon. Or the male bystander he got into a fight with and had in a headlock before his arrest. Or the inmate who had the gall to eyeball him upon his incarceration provoking yet another round of fisticuffs. And much to my utter disbelief, he’s planning on suing the jail for inhumane treatment suffered at their callous, controlling hands. Can you believe it? I guess it was fine and dandy for him to scare the living daylights (s**t) out of employees and patrons of the two establishments he frequented. I mean, he did threaten to kill people in the smoke shop and burn down the Quik Trip hence his banishment from both places, but it’s just not fair that he wasn’t handled with kid gloves as he was hauled off to the cooler or during his stay there. And by golly when he’s the proud owner of a Saturday Night Special, he’ll be darn sure no one serves him a heaping helping of whoopass without swift and possibly deadly consequences. Oh, and did you know his driver’s license shows he’s had “mental problems?” Mmm, yeah. Guess that explains his need to have an intermediary do the dirty work of purchasing a heater. Not that anyone is going to. I hate to sound harsh, but I think someone needs to spend time in a professional facility qualified to readjust mental balance. Either that or take their meds and return to a modicum of normalcy.

Today is my Friday as tomorrow I’ll be gone to our annual Staff Development Conference in the city. If you recall, last year (remember the clown noses we all sported?) we took several cars rather than all bunching up in one vehicle. This year the Exalted Poobah’s new assistant has offered to drive the maxi-van and promised us it will be an “adventure.” (!!!) Maybe she’ll drive us straight to a lively bar for drinks when it ends and we’ll be snockered subordinates mooning startled drivers all the way home. Hopefully, I’ll survive and have pics to post on Monday.


TC said...


I was promised last year - check the post - an invite this year: I never got one.

I'm hurt, Miss Circe, very hurt.

(On a side note... he threatened to burn down Quik Trip and all he got was told he can't come back???????????????? Wayyyy too lenient if you ask me!)

Circe said...

And he wouldn't sign the paper promising to not return!! Like that would have been worth anything anyway. Just ridiculous. *triple tsk*

Awww, TC, now I do remember promising to pick you up. :(
Ok, I will tell Mz Driver to head north before we make a "U"y and once again go south. Be ready at the side of the highway and have your party pants on. K?


TC said...

That's more like it! :-D

Bone said...

*patiently waiting for Monday post-party pics*

CruiserMel said...

They actually put info on OK drivers licenses regarding mental status? BRILLIANT!

Then again, we wouldn't really want them putting "blogger" next to our names on our licenses. Because that would be just like saying "insane." LOL

Circe said...

Peeps--Getting pics together right now...
I ended up having a dentist appt Monday and felt like crapioca pudding, not to mention the fact I was only at work 2 1/2 hrs.

CM--Actually, he has an Arizona driver's license. Not sure what Okieland does. :)

weatherchazer said...

WOah, he wasn't charged with anything for the threats he made. Better be glad he's not in my neck of the woods- Hubby gets down the statutes book daily to see how much he CAN charge someone with.