Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Round and Round

Since the weather has gotten a bit cooler, I've not been able to ride bikes outside so I've returned to spin class at the gym. The class that i've been able to attend is taught by a chick... and as much as I like her personally, I don't like her teaching the class so much. She tries to incorporate all these aerobic moves while you're spinning your legs off. *jump up* *swing your arms* *up*down*up*down... blah blah.

I miss one of the male instructor that was hired to teach the class a few years ago. He rocked it! His music was awesome and he had been in the military and rode professionally at some point I think. He knew how to teach a spin class. Plus, he was hard core! You'd walk out TOTALLY wringing wet. LOVED IT

The chick is just too... chick-like.

WELL tonight I went to spin... at my gym... but its a class I never get to go to because of the time. However, I left work early today and made it on time. Some dude was teaching it and he was hard core! The pain and burn were awesome! I loved it! Guys really do know how to spin your wheels way better than a girl! I say keep the men!

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