Thursday, March 29, 2007

Noah and the Ark

Today I have tons to talk about and I can't mention hardly any of it! I'm kinda sworn to secrecy.... for the time being. I'm busting at the seams too!

One tasty little secret is... there have been changes in Richard's office. Good changes too! That's all I will mention.... no names.... no details... but yipppeee!

Some of the other goods will come out in time... we must be patient (this is the hardest test for me!!! Richard failed miserably as his loose lips ran right to Eric!)

It's raining cats and dogs. I think literally. When I left my house this morning it was really nice. It was dark outside and I could vaguely make out where the storm clouds were *pointing way over there*, but then about two or three miles down the road the wind hit and wham-bam the rain hit. It was torrential rains! The normal interstate traffic slowed to 40-45mph... and that was pushing it. It was hard to see the road because of the pelting water. My favorite radio station was talking about the rain and how we're supposed to get 2 inches in an hour.... and then started playing It's Raining Men. hahaha

It felt like it! The rain was hitting that hard! I toyed with the idea of waiting in the MM until the rain subsided, but then I could be waiting for quite a long time too. I grabbed my umbrella and bag... and made a mad dash for the door. The 'mad dash' includes a long trek down a sidewalk where the awning only comes over HALF the sidewalk and has no guttering... so that means the water is dumping off the roof of the building. Plus, there is a big dip in the sidewalk where water sits... so you also wade through. Around a corner, down another long sidewalk (covered), through the smoking area and then a little blip on the sidewalk completely open to the rain (I had umbrella though), I dashed in the employee entrance completely drenched. My shirt was dry, but my shoes and feet were soaked, my pants were wet and somehow I got my hair wet. Must have been the blowing rain.

I'm glad we seeded our lawn last weekend. This rain will help our new baby grass grow!

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Traveling Chica said...

I'm glad you've got some good news, even if you can't share it yet. :)