Friday, March 30, 2007

The Freak Show

Even though we are a short four weeks away from wrapping up yet another semester, we have recently hired a new adjunct instructor. To say this gal is annoying to the max is a grievous understatement. She’s bossy, temperamental, and extremely demanding and by god we had all better quickly acquiesce to her orders! And did I mention she has what looks like a dark, stubbly beard? (WTF??) Ms Circe is far from alone in this accurate assessment of her. I’ve heard other complaints from coworkers about her lack of tact and patience. She stormed into my office yesterday to restate in a loud and huffy manner her dissatisfaction in regards to computer and phone issues she’s been experiencing. She also informed me she was not vacating my office until she spoke to someone about this. Now I had already turned in her problems via our work order system the day before but as no action had been taken she figured her physical presence would speed things along. With loud sighs of impatience, she glared at me from across the carpet and mentioned that it looked like no one cleaned my office either. Um, thanks for the compliment, lady! I kinda shrugged and ignored her rudeness. As part of the office relocation free-for-all, she reported that she had called maintenance and informed them she would not budge until her new digs (which she called a dungeon several times) were spit-shined. Not ones to succumb to veiled threats or leap off their large, lazy asses in a spurt of energy, they demonstrated their air of complete indifference by leaving a rag and vacuum cleaner for her personal use in her office!!! LMAO! Go maintenance! :)

Though Grand Poobah was yakking in the hallway, I could tell she had no intention of hurriedly entering our inner sanctum to appease Mz Bossy Boots. In quiet desperation I scuttled into GFR’s office and apprised him of the hostile takeover of our reception area. Helpful GFR offered to take matters in his own capable hands as he emerged from his cubbyhole and spoke in soft, soothing tones of placation in response to her loud, unhappy vocalizing, even promising to make a personal housecall and see if there was anything he could fix. What a gem! After she left, I expressed deep and sincere gratitude to our sweet, gentle IT angel. Sooner than she knows, this tantrum-riddled Problem Child will learn that the wheels of progress at Chaos College rarely veer off the redtape-riddled, weedy track.


thephoenixnyc said...

It seems every workplace has one. Nice usage of the freakshow graphic. LOL.

Circe said...

I was going to entitle this post "Pain in the Arse" but changed my mind.
Thanks, Phoenix! :)

Angela said...

Reminds me why I am glad not to be working outside my little home

Malnurtured Snay said...

And she's an adjunct? Where do you work? Most of the adjuncts I know are so happy to have work they don't dare complain -- nor do they have time, shuttling from one school to another all day. Tell her to STFU and be glad she's got a damn paycheck.