Sunday, April 01, 2007

We Got It Done!

We saw Larry The Cable Guy.

Despite torrential.... and I mean torrential... downpours, we met Bren and Wayne at the Brewery for dinner and drinks and then headed over to catch the act. Larry (is that his real name? We had a big discussion about that because Ron White is Ron White's name and he uses it... so is Larry's name - Larry?) had an opening act and I wish I could remember the guys name because he was really funny! I'll snoop around and see if I can find out who it was, he's worth watching if you ever have the chance.

He introduced Larry TCG and the crowd went nuts! Our seats were directly in front of the stage, but in the stadium seats (not on the floor), so he looked a little tiny to us. However they had two big screen's you could also look at - which is what I watched most of the time. He was hilarious. He came waltzing out in his plaid shirt with cut off sleeves and jeans, baseball cap and bottle of water. Bren and I were screaming with everyone else... Richard was just looking at me (like i'm crazy) and Wayne was, well i'm not sure what Wayne was doing.

I've seen lots of concerts and a couple of famous people, but it was different when he came out. It was like we were finally seeing Larry The Cable Guy!!! This giant, huge, famous movie star who is unreachable, untouchable, almost a figment of our imagination and now he's here! He's real! and we're with him!!!

He has a new baby.... so you know where some of the jokes went. hahahaha. I think he might have gained some empathy weight. Not sure... just a hunch. He seemed tubbier than in the movie or DVD i've watched of him. *giggle*


Traveling Chica said...

I hate the phrase "Git R Done."

Oh it drives me nuts beyond just about anything else. It might have had something to do with the fact that our somewhat insane secretary at my last job would send it out in email every other day... and she'd get on the intercom and say it.

Maybe. Just a little bit. :)

Glad you guys had fun though!

Kerry said...

Good grief... did she try to sound like him too!? ;) It makes me think of people from Arkansas. lol

Circe said...

Ker, I can't remember if it's his real name or not but I do know he is not a Southern guy. He's from Nebraska!

Kerry said...

I dont know why I thought he was from Georgia! hahahah

Traveling Chica said...

Yes, yes she did.