Friday, April 06, 2007

Call the Fire Department

Men are so transparent. They think they are being sneaky or 'pulling one over on ya' but little do they know that you know. It cracks me up to watch them try to be so smart. HAHAHA They think they are getting away with something. HAHAHA
That's all i'm going to say about that....

Tomorrow is my birthday! As Circe pointed out, the day also marks the one year anniversary of my last day at Chaos College. Although I miss her dearly, I have not one time missed that place. I loved my job and I miss my friends, but my headaches and stomache ache and general depressed feeling has been gone for a year now. *happy dance* This blog has been good for us... we've been able to keep in touch and be our evil little selves via technology. *bigger happy dance*.

Tonite my parents are taking me out for my birthday, and tomorrow has been declared Kerry Day, so we get to do whatever I want. Which means, soccer games. haha Richard is taking me out to dinner and I've announced I want to go see Blades of Glory with Will Ferrel. I also want to see I Think I love My Wife and Richard wants to see 300, so maybe we'll just make it a movie night.

It's also supposed to be pretty chilly tomorrow... high's in the 40's and a chance of snow! So its a perfect day/night for 'movie night'.

Happy Birthday to me!


Anonymous said...

I hope you have a Happy Birthday!! (Your anniversary is next week, isn't it?)

I missed you at the meeting!!!


Traveling Chica said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

Hope you have a great day! :)

Burg said...

Happy birthday!

Don Quixote said...

At the risk of copying the others - happy birthday!

Kerry said...

Thank you for all the birthday wishes! So far so good!

Nunu: I thought about you while at conference. I got word from one of my spies there... that a certain 'man in question' spent alot of time with one friend. hehe

Anonymous said...

Some things never change....;-))

Anonymous said...

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