Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Bright Lights, Big City

I had a very busy weekend with R & R not being any part of the equation. Saturday, sis and I went to T-Town for a scrumptious Italian cooking class using gallons of butter and wine (definitely not for the diet-conscious). This place has a store out front which sells cooking implements and an enormous utensil-laden kitchen for holding classes. Our instructor was entertaining and knowledgeable and the approximately 20 in attendance had an enjoyable afternoon watching and eating her delicious creations. The time flew and before we knew it, our gastronomic journey ended. I purchased her cookbook, had it personally signed, and sis and I have definite plans to recreate this heavenly repast for the men.

We also picked up some fledgling trees from sis’ sis-in-law and I got to meet her mentally-challenged cat, Tabitha. She reminded me so much of Spikey what with her attractive looks and pissy demeanor. Home Depot was also on the agenda and we had fun wandering its home improvement aisles. I am always drawn to the twinkling lights and had several gorgeous chandeliers picked out for my wish list before we vacated the premises.

Unable to pass up a visit to the appealing mall, I had my list ready for items I adore but am unable to find in Podunkville. We zipped around the place as I hit the stores scooping up my needed (ok, wanted) articles. One window display that stopped us in our tracks was the most gorgeous, sexy, fairy tale vision of enchanting feminine loveliness in the guise of a white prom dress. Barbie dolls should wear this exquisite creation. It was the most beautiful outfit I have ever seen and I just wish I had whipped out the phone and snapped it’s pic for your nodding approval. *deep sigh* Skipping the arousing lingerie, I found my beloved, sweet-scented body cream in VS and grabbed a bottle of my all-time favorite silky skin lotion at The Body Shop. Checking the sales at Dillards (yes Ker, I used the bathroom and it wasn’t particularly clean) I came up empty but found the perfect shoes to go with my khaki skirt in Payless. The highlight of our adventure occurred in this store when sis received an unexpected text message from an unknown number that simply said, “boobies.” I could hear her laughing her butt off in the other aisle but had no idea what had caused this fit of hilarity. When I found her she showed me the message and said she had texted back, “wrong number!” and had received a sheepish reply of “k.” I told her I would more likely have come back with the sassy retort of “cooters!;)


thephoenixnyc said...

If you decide to get away from "Podunkville" for a bit, come to NY and shop, I'll show you around. ; 0

Circe said...

I'm willing to lay money NY would be the essence of shopping in its purest form, dear Phoenix. You're on! :)


Traveling Chica said...

Wow... the text messages people get these days! (pst! where do I sign up?)

Circe said...

I know, TC. I was feeling kinda left out that I didn't get one and she did... :(