Thursday, April 05, 2007

Zombies & Hookers

Yesterday our hallowed halls hosted the annual academic contest and once again our campus swarmed with scholarly children in anxious pursuit of that coveted mass-produced certificate I kick out from my trusty printer. Or maybe they actually hope to garner first or second prize in their area of expertise and snag a scholarship to our worthy institution. Though failing to obtain our usual conference room thanks to the shake-ups in workplace locales, we hunkered down in my reception area and did processing duty. Things went quite smoothly and the kiddos departed by late afternoon.

A soon-to-be-departing faculty member enjoys passing by my desk daily and razzing me about my intent, prissy typing and how my evil red VM button is forever lit revealing to one and all my gross dereliction of duties! (Whatever, T!) Anyway, when he popped his head in this morning he asked if I’d like a part in his new movie and I had the choice of zombie or hooker. Hmm, wonder which character I am more suitable for…

It’s funny how things work out sometimes. Doors open and close with wild abandon and without warning, loudly slam tightly shut and lock behind you. And though fully aware of the reason, it still deeply and painfully breaks your heart and echoes in your soul. And the agonizingly slow mourning process begins. Sometimes all we can do is hope and pray our essence will live on in the special secret place nestled deep in a friend’s heart. Till our paths cross again, “ciao bella.” *blows kiss to the north wind*

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