Tuesday, April 08, 2008

My Surprise Birthday!

OHHHH!!!! Guess what I got for my birthday!!?!??!?! A road bike! I'm so excited!

Richard and my sis and my parents got me a bike (and intend on me using it)... PLUS I'm registered for RAGBRAI. It's a 500 mile, 7 day bike ride across the state of Iowa.

I'm officially in the "in" bike rider group here and start training this next week I hope! This means long, treacherous rides several times a week. Plus, wearing pants with butt pads. HAHAHAH


グラント said...

The RAGBRAI sounds good. I'll get a Harley and see you there. But your little 500 mile trek is nothing compared to the Iron Butt Rally.

Are you sure your butt needs extra padding? Send me pics if you want an expert opinion.

Kerry said...

Okay! When I get tired can I hop on and you take me a few miles down the road? We'll be like Dumb and Dumber. But not. Not on a moped and not dumb. Maybe more like Smart and Supersmart.

I'm checking out Iron Butt and I'll find you a pick of my boney butt. hahaha