Thursday, April 10, 2008

You Make Me Sick

For the past few months, I've sat at my computer desk with my back to the District Manager's office and I hear every little conversation that takes place. Whether I like it or not. I've grown more and more irritated with his immaturity and lack of direction and irresponsibility.

He is constantly picking up the phone and calling someone to see if they want to go get drunk. He calls other DM's or agents and calls them dirty names and then giggles. Today, he called someone and told them about an agent (female obviously) that made X amount of sales and won an award and "damn she had this low cut blouse on that made her, well they, it was low cut and blah blah" *cleared his throat*... was probably sportin' a woody just talking about it.

He's a grandpa for God's sakes. Plus we're supposed to be professional and who knows who's listening!?!? There might be a place and time for that kind of thing but not all the time. And its all the time with him. I grow more and more tired of it.


グラント said...

Fight back by loudly talking about all the guys you've boinked.

TC said...

Totally frustrating for sure :(

Kerry said...

Symbol Guy: He might like that talk! Maybe I should talk about diseases!? hahah

TC: very frustrating. Especially when you're trying to conduct business!