Thursday, January 01, 2009

Starting Over 09

Happy New Years!

This year Richard and I chose to stay out of the clubs and big parties and instead chose to spend the evening with just a few friends. Some of Richards friends from college and some old (I don't mean old in age, but past) neighbors joined us and even a cycling buddy! We had fun. Did you guys catch the guy in Vegas landing on the casino... and then jumping off??? On his bike. I don't remember his name. I'm so full of helpful info! ha

Marsha came to our little gathering... broken foot and all! She got spooked by a mouse and jumped somehow and broke her foot!

My sis and I

My sweetie pie love muffin and me!


Grant said...

This year I plan to be older and crankier than last year. I'm off to a good start - my pay was cut and now I find that they left a day out as well. W00t - 2009!

Could you resolve to blog more and maybe get Circe back?

Kerry said...

Gosh Grant... you will get that day back, wont you? They probably 'accidentally' left a day off every pay check hoping that no one would notice. HA

I've asked Circe to come back and told her she's welcome anytime. She's just not feeling well and doesn't have it in her to blog right now. I hope one of these days she's bounces back and blogs again. She said she probably would! I miss her greatly and I have to admit I've found it very hard to write here without her. Its kind of lonely. I was with her for years and then it was like a big breakup or something. I'll try to do better.

Time is an issue too. I find myself getting busier and busier! Why does that happen? Probably the economy. lol

TC said...

I agree with Grant about Circe :( We love you, but you're right... you two are best as a team.

Does Richard love it that you share his "pet names" with all of us?