Monday, December 04, 2006

The Ghost of Christmas Future

My thinking this Christmas holiday is that i'm going to get my shopping done early so that I don't have to mess with the mean shoppers, so Saturday my Sis and I hit the stores and Sunday, Richard and I shopped til we dropped.

Toys R Us was a nightmare. Ok, well it really wasn't a nightmare because i've seen it waaaay worse, but it wasn't a pleasant ordeal either. I don't see why there would be such a load of those little whipper snappers running around, but there was. Don't they need to stay home so mom and dad can actually shop, and purchase, the gifts!? We battled that store and got a few Christmas gifts there...

Then, we tackled the mall.

We did... we went to the mall - on a weekend! We had a mental list of who we need to buy for and some ideas on each. We hit the front door meaning business and with intentions of getting as close to finished as possible. About an hour into the adventure I get a call from C.

Mom, your car is sliding down the driveway.
WHAT? What is going on?
Your car is sliding. I think it's on ice.
C, are you lying to me?
No! you know how you usually park really close to the garage, but this time you didn't? Well it's sliding down.
Talk to Richard.

I pass the phone to Richard and I hear a little chit chat happening while I make a purchase. Richard hands the phone back to me and says 'you need to talk to him'.

C, is the car in the road?
No, its at the end of the driveway. I think it slid until it ran out of ice and hit pavement.
Are you sure it's moved?
YES MOM! (obviously irritated with me because he's trying to tell the truth). P was outside playing and his friends told him it was moving so he came and told me!
Did you push it down the driveway?
NO! No one has been around it!
Well tell the kids not to play around it and i'll be right there.
Where are your keys and i'll take care of it?
I have the keys and NO you aren't driving it
Well, don't hurry... it's not that big of a deal
Are you telling me the truth!?!?
YES! It's sliding!
ok, i'll be right there

I was torn between running right home (I was having a visual of my MM being on the loose in the neighborhood) and continuing our shopping excursion because C loves to play practical jokes on me. We decided to wrap up a couple of other things and head to the house to check on the situation.

Sure enough! As we rounded the corner of our block I saw my MM sitting at the end of the driveway. It had in fact slid! I had parked it on a big patch of ice and I guess the right spot to start sliding. Our driveway isn't a big sloping driveway... but it's just enough to slide down - apparently! I hopped in it and pulled it up close to the garage. All the neighbor kids were standing around watching and so eagerly wanting to tell us the story.

There is no rock salt available in a 100 mile radius I don't think. Actually, we only looked at Wal-Mart... but that was enough.


Traveling Chica said...

I can laugh because it didn't happen to me, but had I be in your shoes, uff da!

Oh yeah, I have those plans about Christmas shopping every year and it NEVER works. Ever.

Kerry said...

It is comical now that it's over and all the kiddos and my MM is ok. At the time, it was stressin' me out! lol