Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Easy on The Price

I've actually been thinking about this for a couple of days, but this morning a friend of mine emailed me and we got to talking about Happy Hour which made me mention Sonic and their Happy Hour and how anymore, a person really can't afford to get their drinks if it's not during that half price special time.

Let me go back in time....

For the past 6 months I think my local Sonic has increased their drinks prices twice. I now pay $1.68 for a medium drink. I only pay $1.27 for a medium in my hometown and I can save about .10 cents if I drive two miles down the road to the next Sonic (which i've been known to do). I've cut back dramatically on my Sonic visits... and have been frequenting other places (7-11 still has awesome deal on monstrous drinks but you have to get out of the car and serve yourself and the ice isnt the same).

Last week, C and I stopped at Sonic and got Sonic Size cheese tots.

We got our order and pulled the tots out of the bag and we both sat there looking at them. The only thing Sonic Sized was the container that held the tots. They didn't put anymore tots in the Sonic Size than they do in the regular or large. They just change the size of the container! What is happening to this place!?

I love a Sonic diet coke, but this is ridiculous. I can stop by McDonald's and get a medium diet coke which is not packed full of ice (to cut down on the amount of coke they have to give up) so I really get more than two sips and I save about .50 cents in price.

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Sean said...

mmmmmmm. strawberry creamsicle. yummy. one of the only things i miss about driving a car.