Monday, November 12, 2007

I'm Really a Smuggler

Being preggers can be a trial sometimes. When I'm not comfortable (no one is comfortable) or when I can't sleep (no one gets to sleep) or when I have cravings (we all have to give into the craving) or you get the picture. Through this whole time, Richard has busted his hump to make me comfortable and happy and ... well you understand where i'm going with that too.

The hardest thing is getting bigger. Not fitting into any clothes and here in the last few weeks it seems like it just keeps growing and growing... and it does! Babies put on alot of weight right before they are born. This weekend while we were grocery shopping, I was looking at my profile every time we passed one of the freezer doors at the store... and making comments. About 3 or 4 doors into it, Richard finally stepped in between me and the door so I couldnt see myself and gently explained (again) that it's not fat. It's baby!

Here's us with our babies at 37 weeks.

The guys think I look like i'm smuggling a basketball, so Richard put his basketball in to look like me! haha


Circe said...

Too funny Ker! And just when is Richard due? He is most definitely carrying it all in the front I see...


TC said...

I'm sure that no matter how many times you hear it, you still aren't going to believe it, BUT I'm stubborn so I'll say it again.

You're so freaking cute pregnant that it's just not fair! AND... Richard's right. It's a baby... and pretty soon, you'll be back to normal, with Lil November to cuddle :) (If Daddy ever lets go of her long enough for you to do that I mean.)

P.S. Richard looks cute for 37 weeks too ;-)

TC said...

Whoa... comment verification?!?!


Hope it's not cuz of anything bad.

Kerry said...

TC: Thanks. It just seems so big!!! I think Richard will hand her back to me when she poops. That's probably the only time I'll get to see her! HAHAH

Well... if you read the comments on Lady Lumps you will see this big huge monstrous comment that has nothing to do with anything. So, I turned verification on for a bit to see if this is going to be a constant thing... I hope to turn it off soon!

Angela said...

Not long now.

CruiserMel said...

What a cute picture! Y'all are just adorable. Uncomfortable, but adorable.

Kerry said...

Angela: Just a few more days! We're so excited!!!

Cruisermel: thank you... it is uncomfy but thankfully short lived! I can't wait to do situps again and me able to bed over to tie my own shoes. lol